Reemployment and Eligibility Assessment (REA) Workshop Outline

January 6, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Sociology, Globalization
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Cumberland County College

Give you ideas, new tools, and the motivation ◦ To reinvigorate your search for new employment opportunities.

Learn about One-Stop Career Center services ◦ What your county college can offer to help you retool for a new job ◦ About how can help you with more than just online job leads.

You should have a clearer plan to focus your job search efforts that will hopefully lead to employment. sp?sid=nj4jobs

Top 25 occupational Listing ◦ meJobsinDemand.html

Other Projections ◦ ndoccpj_index.html#occ

Occupational Wage Survey ◦ eswage_index.html

Career Exploration Assistance Career Search and Advisement ◦ Resume Writing ◦ Interview Skills

Employability Check up ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦

Labor Market Information Input Requested Wages and Area Input Requested Job title Provides More Concentrated Data than NJDOL website aspx

Many higher paying careers are demanding for at least a 2 year degree!!!! ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦

Transitioned into a knowledge-based economy Many employers are updating job requirements The workplace is expanding in Technology, Globalization, and Diversity Decision Making Requirement  Even front line workers have to participate in such process

◦ Critical Thinking Skills

Cumberland County College

   Provides the list of college courses Projected cost of programs A total number of credits ◦ May increase or decrease

 

Determines WIA eligibility The CCC offers most “in demand courses” ◦ Compare to the Cumberland LMI  Access on Career One Stop Employability Check up  NJDOL LMI

Application Process ◦ $25 fee ◦ Accuplacer

 Placement of math, english, and reading

◦ FASFA – financial aid process

Speak with Advisors about programs ◦ PACE department

 Certifications and professional development

◦ Academic Advisors ◦ Career Advisor  Resume Writing  Interview skills

A Preferred Site for Claimants

Revising your resume to emphasize certain aspects of your qualifications (e.g. a specific job or skill) ◦ Changes how you look to employers ◦ Helps Jobs4JerseyTM provide you with job leads that more closely match your skills and interests.

Value of applying for all 4 and 5 star job matches ◦ The greatest chance for opportunities ◦ The best match for qualifications

The global economy causes applicants to market themselves more creatively ◦ Must go beyond simply posting resumes online and waiting for feedback

Planning allows applicant to ◦ Determine whether to work toward remaining in the same profession or transition to another career  Research Labor Market Information

◦ How to update current or train for new skills

Planning (cont) ◦ How to approach the networking process       

What organization should I join? What social network I should use? How to locate volunteer/internship opportunities? How to locate jobs that pay livable salaries? Should I stay in the area or relocate? Should I use a recruiter? How to locate a mentor?

◦ Pretty much, what job search resource should I use?

Multiple job search sites

◦ Monster, CareerBuilder, indeed, CCC career development website

Network, network, network

◦ Volunteer, internships, join organizations, attend conferences/social events

Social networks

◦ Face book, linkedin, twitter

Mentorship and Inner circles

◦ Guidance from professionals and ◦ References from close family members/friends, and inner circle

Volunteering and internships are critical ◦ Develop relationship with potential employers ◦ Allow you to show potential employers your skills and passion  Employers typically prefer someone that knows the company over outside recruits

◦ Develop new skills and passion ◦ A positive outlook for job recruiters if applicants have job gap

Join organizations ◦ Will allow you to market yourself to potential employers ◦ Develop contacts and relationships ◦ Inside information on the profession ◦ Attend network events and workshops ◦ Certifications that will increase marketability ◦ Volunteer programs for professionals ◦ Offer benefits  Advisement, newsletters, discounts, contact info of other members

Social networking is a great source! ◦ Linkedin is a business site  contact networks and receive information on opportunities and events  Post resume and add specialized skills that will attract other networks and potential employers  Join professional-related groups

◦ Many organizations use facebook  Join fan pages  Find out information about future events

Use twitter to connect with networks Develop an elevator speech ◦ How to use 15 seconds to market yourself ◦ Never know who you are going to run into, even for a minute

Attend social events ◦ Happy hours, outings, sporting events, etc

Visit businesses and organizations to offer services

Use your inner circle!! ◦ Close friends/family members that can inform you of opportunities before the posting becomes public ◦ Several employers sometimes give preferences to their employees referrals  Particularly their top employees

◦ Inner circles, that are executives, may have influence over hiring decisions

Mentorship can play a role as well ◦ Provides you insights on how to move up the ladder or transition to another career ◦ Teaches you how to overcome any obstacles when entering that field ◦ Can possibly connect you to the right contacts ◦ Will make an excellent references for opportunities

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