Review of Act 1 The Crucible

January 9, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Psychology, Social Psychology
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Review of Act 1 The Crucible American Lit. Honors

Themes • • • • • • • •

Greed Jealousy Hysteria The Social Functionalist or Social Accusations Theory Illness Social Control Intolerance (Irony) McCarthyism

Reverend Parris • • • • •

Reputation Not well liked Why? A. Preaches too often about hell/finances B. He obtained his position by unethical means.

Putnams • Ann P. • Seven babies died at birth • She blames this on…demonic spirits/witchcraft. • Implicates Tituba because she had her daughter Ruth go to the forest and conjure spirits of the dead babies.

Putnams cont… • Thomas Putnam • “a man with many grievances” • A. James Bayley was supposed to become minister of Salem. • B. Had grievances against him because he was the eldest son of the richest man in the village. • C. He attempted to contest his fathers will/stepbrother was going to receive more money than him.

Abigail • In order to preserve her name and to divert attention away from her, she condemns others. • Blames Tituba for conjuring spirits and making her drink chicken blood. • Liar/Harmful • Controlling/Bully/Manipulator • Threatens the girls of Salem to keep their mouths shut OR ELSE!!

Tituba • • • • •

A Pawn Scapegoat A. Slave B. Has no social rank C. From Barbados (stereotype) is that they know more about witchcraft/superstitions)

John Proctor • Recognizes Hypocrisy • Tragically Flawed • A. Christian man who has an affair with a 17 year old girl. • B. He is married. • Senses that Rev. Hale’s presence will cause more hysteria to be spread throughout Salem Village.

Reverend Hale • Has the best of intentions, • outside pressures and growing hysteria will prove to add to the struggles of the play.

Betty Parris/Ruth Putnam • Young girls and daughters of squabbling families. • Both afflicted with a “mysterious” illness • Ruth has been known to act out (crazy) in court when her family was up against their enemies.

Rebecca Nurse • In her 70s • The people in Beverly speak well of her because of her charitable work in the village of Salem and neighboring villages as well.

Giles Corey • 83 years old • Unknowingly accuses his wife of being involved in “peculiar” activities. • A. Reading a book • B. Giles is illiterate and a little DUMB!!! • Blamed for everything that goes wrong in the village.?? Because he is DUMB.

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