Service Unit Registrar Early Bird Update 2014

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Service Unit Registrar Early Bird Update

Welcome! Thank you for joining us to hear about 2014-2015 Registration Forms Early Bird Information & Packets

What’s New for 2014-2015? •New registration forms- Girl, Adult, MRS •Council Service Fee (girl only) are preprinted on forms for both $10 and $15 •Pre-printed forms completed by GSOFCT •Only current forms will be accepted – please recycle previous forms! •All forms are writeable! •Updated form for family to complete for Council Service Fee Scholarship Aid •Service Unit Registrar site for forms on our website,

Why Early Bird? •Allows troop leader to know who is returning for next year •Completing paperwork now allows for less to be done when things are busy in the fall •Helps Service Unit to place new girls quickly in the fall •Data entry into Council Membership Database for more troops to be able to register online for events & programs •Save $5 in Council Service Fee….$25 Girl Registration Cost •FREE patch for each girl

What’s in the Early Bird Packets? •Pre-printed Girl & Adult Membership Forms •Blank forms for those not receiving pre-printed forms •Parent Letter for each girl (purple) •Troop Leader Program Flyer (1 per envelope) •Troop Leader Checklist (buff) •Membership Registration Summary (1 per troop) •Council Service Fee Scholarship Aid

2014-2015 Girl Registration Form

2014-2015 Adult Registration Form

2014-2015 Membership Registration Summary

2014-2015 Parent Letter

2014-2015 Leader Program Information

2014-2015 Leader Checklist

2014-2015 Troop Registration Log

2014-2015 Membership Financial Aid Voucher

2014-2015 Council Service Fee Voucher

2014-2015 Early Bird Update •Troop Packets will be ready soon! •Check in with your Membership Manager to arrange to receive packets •Checklist information should already have been sent onto your Membership Manager but if not, please do so now! •Troop packets received after your cutoff and before August 15th-discussion with your Membership Manager •Additional blank forms, Membership Financial Aid Vouchers, Council Service Fee Vouchers, Troop Registration Logs-ask and we can provide!

2014-2015 Early Bird Reminder: •Early Bird Registration is only for reregistration of girls and adults •“New” girls will be removed from 2014-2015 packets and troop leader will be contacted for the additional $5 Council Service Fee to register •“New” girl will not be registered until

after October 1, 2014

Questions? Thank you for your time and for all you do for Girl Scouts of Connecticut! We value your dedication to keeping our troop leaders informed of the registration process and helping us insure that all participating members are registered!

If you have further questions after we finish the webinar, please email to [email protected] and write “REGISTRATION” in the subject line of the email.

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