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Introduction • SHEP: Sexual Health Education Program Spring 2013 Interns

University Health Services, Tang Center, Health Promotion Unit Sponsored Program

• Group of trained student interns who promote sexual health at Cal by providing accurate, nonjudgmental information.

Sexual Health Education Program (SHEP) Based on a public health model, our target audience includes all Cal students, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, and level of sexual knowledge or experience. SHEP Components • Outreach • 1:1 appointments • Topics in Sexual Health DeCal • SHEP social media sites • Special events

The SHEP Way Harm Reduction: a non-polarized, nonmoralizing, pragmatic, realistic and client centered philosophy that sees any behavior that reduces negative health effects and its consequences as a positive step towards minimizing harm and possible injury.

Sex Positive: an attitude that regards all consensual sexual activities as fundamentally normal, healthy and pleasurable, and encourages sexual pleasure and experimentation.

SHEP Outreach (Workshops and Tabling) • Interactive games • Discussion • Lecture • Demonstrations Outreaches are tailored to fit the needs of the requesting group.

Icebreakers, games, and activities are an important part of SHEP workshops and help keep them fun, engaging, and interactive.

2013-2014 Workshop Topics • Sexual debuts – definitions of virginity; deciding when to become sexually active; mechanics of sex; role of hormones; negotiating sex.

• Safer sex – review various safer sex methods – commercial and DIY; communication skills including consent

• Healthy relationships – types of relationships; negotiating sex; characteristics of healthy, unhealthy and abusive relationships; communication; dealing with conflict/break ups.

• Sexual pleasure – overview of pleasure physiology, sexual arousal; importance of lube, toys and other aids to enhance sexual experience.

• Intro to sexual health – brief summary of reproductive and pleasure physiology; self-tests like testicular and breast exams; STI testing - when and why to get tested.

• STIs/HIV – common STIs including modes of transmission, possible symptoms, testing options, and treatment.

CLINIC EDUCATION Cal students meet with a trained intern one-onone

Free safer sex samples offered

Common Appt Topics

•Safer sex • STI testing • Birth control questions • Sexual pleasure and orgasm • Sexual communication with a partner • Healthy relationships • LGBTQ issues

Sex 101: Topics in Sexual Health DeCal Safe space and sex positive community

Sections • Mondays and Wednesdays • 6-8PM •30 students per section •Lead by SHEP Student Leaders

Special Events • Sexual Health Awareness Week (SHAW) – Fall • National Condom Day/Week (NCD/W) Spring

SHEP Social Media Help Cal students maintain their sexy with sexual health information and education via:

• • • •

Articles written by interns Safer Sex Supply map FAQs Anonymous Questions

SHEP Talk Blog FaceBook Instagram Tumblr

Fall Training Prepares interns with sexual health information they will need to be successful in SHEP. – Monday, August 26th – Wednesday, August 28th – Manual provided – Handbook provided

Seminar • Interns meet with staff coordinator for a mandatory 2hour class on sexual health issues and receive Public Health units • Class is held Tuesday evenings 4-6PM in the Section Club room at Tang • Seminar focuses on continuing education and further preparation for outreach, social media, and major events

Who Should Apply? • We accept applications from all UC Berkeley students. • Students of all years and majors are welcome to apply. • While you don’t need any prior knowledge of sexual health to be selected as an intern, a base level knowledge will be helpful. • We encourage students of diverse backgrounds and experiences to apply. **To apply, you must be able to commit to all of the program components previously discussed.

Application • Available online on UHS SHEP page, FaceBook page, and SHEP Talk Blog • Applications are due by 5PM on Monday, April 8th • Application has questions regarding general background data (name, major, etc.) as well as essay response questions • Interviews will be completed in small group format

Upcoming Dates • Application Deadline: April 8th at 5PM via email to [email protected], or hardcopy to Health Promotion front office. • Group Interviews: April 15th – 26th • Application status: Chosen peers will be notified via email by Friday, May 3rd • Party for current and accepted SHEP Sexperts: Tuesday, May 7th from 5-6PM

Further questions? • Contact Robin Mills, MA Staff Coordinator – (510) 642-3620 – [email protected]

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