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SIX STEPS TO SUCCESS IN CARE HOMES by Rachel Moorhouse End Of Life Care Facilitator for Care Homes 0161 208 1868

Salford’s Six Steps Homes

Cohort two

Cohort one Kenyon Lodge Beechfield Lodge Moorfield house

Hope manor Alderwood Amadeus Heath Cottage Walkden Manor

• Step 1 - Discussions as the end of life approaches

• Step 2 - Assessment, care planning and review • Step 3 - Co-ordination of care • Step 4 - Delivery of high quality care in care homes • Step 5 - Care in the last days of life • Step 6 - Care after death

Adapted from The North West End of Life Care Model Six Steps to Success programme Advance Care Planning • Preferred Priorities for Care (PPC) • Advance Decision to Refuse Treatment (ADRT) • Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)


Advancing disease

1 year


Increasing decline

6 months

‘Rapid Discharge Pathway’ (RDP)

End of Life Care Tools

‘Liverpool Care Pathway for the Dying’ (LCP) 3


Last Days of Life

First Days after Death


The North West End of Life Care Model



1 year

ACP & Communication Day Interactive session on communication skills including practical demonstrations Discussing DNA/CPR Advance Care Planning Best Interest Discussions ADRT

LCP Study Day Appropriate hospital admissions and Significant event analysis Diagnosing dying Multi- disciplinary team discussions, DNACPR Nutrition/ hydration Communication to relatives/ carers GP review Commencement of the Liverpool Care of the Dying Pathway Facilitating conversations with relatives & carers Religious, spiritual and cultural care Symptom Care after death

What do we expect? • • • • •

Residents placed on end of life register Shared Communication Advance Care Planning End of life care policy Review holistic assessment to include end of life care/ wishes • Involve residents/ families/ all staff • Every resident to have an eolc key worker

• • • • •

All staff to know key contacts Review training needs of staff Dignity Champion Review the environment Understand the LCP- last hours /days of life • Review bereavement policy • Audit • Completed portfolio

The Future • 8 nursing homes to start the programme January 2013 • Residential cohort summer 2013 • McKinley training offered to all nursing homes who have completed six steps/GSF • Verification of death in nursing homes • Broader education and support • Integration with hospital and community end of life care events

Thank you Any questions?

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