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Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT)

Lt. Col Dimitrios Vourdas M.D. Allergist Director of Allergy and Clinical Immunology Unit 251 Hellenic Air Force Hospital Athens, Hellas

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Has clarified the Mechanism of Action of Sublingual Immunotherapy or rely on Insufficient or Empirical data?

Mechanism of Action (Ι)

(Novak N , Allergy, 66:733-739,2011)

Mechanism of Action (ΙΙ) - Langerhans like DC – The Predominant of the Immune Response in SLIT Substantial difference between the oral mucosa counterparts. Expression of FcεRI, MHC class I,II, costimulatory CD40, CD80, CD86 Activation of TLR4 leads to production of IL-10 and activation of Treg Foxp3. The result is a further production of IL-10 and TGF-β

SLIT induces mucosal IgA response, which contributes significantly in immune tolerance It is important, the adjutants of the formulation of SLIT, because of them, depends largely, the induction of the immune tolerance IgG4 blocking antibodies maintained in high levels and after 2 years from initiation of treatment (Allam JP , JACI, 121:368E1-374E1,2008)

Is SLIT Effective?

Study data until 2003 22 randomized, controlled studies About 1000 patients

Study data from 2003 to 2011 60 studies (49 for meta-analysis) About 4000 patients

Improves the Quality of Life in SLIT Patients;

Quality of Live

(Morris MS , Journal of Allergy, 2012:ID 253879,2012)

Is SLIT Safe?

Safety of SLIT

(Radulovic S, Allergy, 66:740-752,2011)

Is it Equally Effective the SLIT Therapy in Mono-Sensitized and Poly-Sensitized Patients ?

(Malling HJ , Clin Exp Allergy, 39:387-393,2009)

There is Dirrect Comparison Between SLIT and SCIT ?

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