Socialism as a Response to Classical Liberalism

January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Business, Finance
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Socialism as a Response to Classical Liberalism Social 30-2

 Developed


in the early 19th century as a response to the declining social and economic conditions of the working class during the Industrial Revolution Felt these issues could be addressed by encouraging government involvement in the economy. Felt

it would increase the distribution of wealth.

Difference Between Socialism and Classical Liberalism  Although

Socialism embraced the concepts of human rights and democratic government, they also embraced collectivist aspects.      

Collective Responsibility Collective Interest Co-operation Economic Equality Adherence to Collective Norms And Public Property

Socialism vs. Classical Liberalism Lets

take a look at the charts on page 147 in your book, comparing Socialism and Classical Liberalism.

Early Democratic Socialism  Believed

that Modern Liberalism did not provide the type of government intervention that would address the collective interests of society.  Believed

that political, economic, and social change could be achieved without revolution… as opposed to Marx.  Believed that things could be changed through democratic processes. Such as elections, and reforms.

Early Democratic Socialism  Embraced

Liberalist views such as democracy, freedom, and individual rights. However,  Believed

Capitalism infringed upon the rights of the workers to being truly free.

Early Democratic Socialism Solution? Greater

government involvement in the affairs of society. Social Programs I.e.-

unemployment insurance, health care, education, and child care.

Socialism Marxism

and Communism





Democratic Socialism in Canada

 Western

Canada’s impact on the country’s social welfare programs.  Many

of the country’s social welfare programs that exist in Canada, originated in Western Canada. Programs that many of you will likely come in contact with.  Such as:  Student Loans  EI  Child-Care Initiatives  CPP  Minimum Wage  Universal Health Care

The Great Depression 1920’s A

and 1930’s

period of harsh economic conditions. People once again question the validity of Classical Liberalism.

The Great Depression



29, 1929 “Black


in stock market prices in New York City. Hit all around the world. Canada, Companies

go bankrupt, Investors lose all their money, And unemployment reaches 27%.

The Great Depression  Slowly,

Socialism and the idea of

government intervention becomes more appealing.  More

and more of the population began to look towards the government to stop the bleeding.

Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) 

Founded in 1932, in Calgary, AB.  Prairies

were hit particularly hard, because of the impacts of an illtimed drought.  People were forced to abandon their homes, and search for work where they could find it.

 J.S

Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (CCF)

Woodworth, first party President Regina


 Shelters for the jobless and homeless  Job creation programs  Pensions for those who had worked

their whole lifetime but could not be cared for by their impoverished children.  Health services that would be subsidized by the government so that people could get medical help for a fraction of the normal cost.

Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (CCF)  Tommy

Douglas, elected Premier of Saskatchewan  Created

Canada’s form of Universal Healthcare  CCF eventually became the NDP, which is still around today.

http://www.youtu =gqpFm7zAK90

Socialism in Quebec Post

World War 2


Duplessis, Premier of Quebec Strongly

anti-communist, Strongly anti-union, Supported Quebec independence from Canada, However…

Socialism in Quebec Government

involvement in the economy Public

works projects Highways Schools Hospitals

Socialism in Quebec  The

struggle to separate from Canada was a driving force for these groups.  The

Canadian Government was seen as an oppressive force, in which revolution was needed to break free from.  I.e.- Group Marxiste


Parti Quebecois 

Rene Levesque, Quebec Separatist Leader    

Public Insurance Program Pharmacare (cheap medication) Child Care System Parental Leave Program

Today, Bloc Quebecois

Question? How

come Socialist parties had such a huge influence in Western Canada in the early 20th century, but that’s not the case today?…

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