Sperm separation system Market Size, Share, growth, Trends

November 21, 2022 | Author: samidha28jain | Category:
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Sperm separation system is a technique used for the elimination of risk of centrifugation in swim up technique, and thus maintains functional competence and the integrity of the DNA for the selected spermatozoa. This technique is used to help prevention of centrifugation-induced damage that is caused to the sperm. On the basis of motility and with the due help of the gravity, the sperm cells are sedimented at the bottom of the tube without the process of centrifugation. There are different types of techniques that are in use for centrifugation-free sperm separation are microfluidic sperm sorters (MFSSs) and migration sedimentation (MS). Rapid increase in the in vitro fertilization procedures and increase in incidence of infertility in men and women are expected to drive the growth of the global centrifugation free sperm separation market in the long run.
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