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Name/Date: Social Studies 9 Unit 2 The French and North America

3D The Royal Colony of New France References: Cranny, M. (1998) Crossroads: A Meeting of Nations, Ch. 8 video or filmstrip titles on New France (e.g. Canada: A Peoples' History) Tasks: Read pages 236 -239 in Crossroads and answer the questions below. Questions 1. In 1661, New France came under the direct control of whom? 2. What did they make New France in 1663? What does that mean? 3. What is mercantilism? (build a careful definition). 4. What is a nation's goal if it believes in mercantilism? 5. Explain Triangle trade and the trade between France, the Caribbean, and New France. Use a map if it helps. 6. France had its major territorial wars in North America with which nation? 7. Over what? 8. Make a chart which gives information on the government of New France. Main Idea



Government of New France

Job duties / responsibilities (be thorough)


Governor Bishop Intendan t Focus Questions (keep these in mind throughout):

How did official French colonialism change North America? How did French culture evolve and adapt in its new setting?

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