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Star FM – who we are • Leading pioneering radio broadcast within Northern Kenya and Somalia region • Broadcast 24 hours a day – target audience are children, youth, women and men • The main aim is to empower households and communities through providing a two-way communication process between service providers and communities.

Star FM products and services • Popular, public interest programs on key humanitarian and refugees affairs, political and social issues • Documentary production • Commissioned videos • Radio Commercials • Translation services

Why radio is important for humanitarian crises • It saves lives! During humanitarian emergencies people have an urgent need for information. • “Poor information flow is definitely the biggest sources of dissatisfaction, anger and frustration among affected people” • Radio can deliver news to the most remote communities and provide emergency information during crises

Innovative Tools that Star FM use • Social media – Facebook, short code • Mobile phones • Telephone • Connecting to diaspora community • Live streaming • Souktel

Challenges • Partnering and coordinating with humanitarian agencies • Insecurity

• Lack of network • Lack of electricity

Gargaar Program Update • Daily one-hour program – humanitarian stories, features and interviews, musical interludes and a daily poem introduced in the camp It is as if God sent a bridge to span the gap that affects the refugee community concerning access to information” – Mohamud Bundid Saney, Security Chairman, Dagahaley

Gargaar Program • Highlights include – Extensive coverage of 2013 change of agency responsibilities in different camps – Returns and repatriation especially as Kenyan and Somali Governments hold high level discussions – Polio outbreak and process for vaccination – New technology using bio-metrics for food distribution by WFP

– Numerous programs highlighting positive stories such as community women’s groups, ICT ad YEP centers and distribution of Non-food items such as radios

‘When I came to the camp I did not even have information about how to access water or simple things like that. Now that this program is aired, new and old refugees have somewhere they can get information” – Maano Hussein Ibrahim, Trainnee Journalist

Monitoring and Evaluation •

53.6% reported that they don’t have enough information to make decision for themselves

37.9% reported that the main information they need to help them and their family members is general news on what is happening in the camp and 22% wanted information on humanitarian issues

74.2% of the population relies on the radio as the main ways of finding information, and Star FM is the most popular local station 48.9% who reported they are able to talk to aid providers, only 14.3% were recent arrivals against 34.6% of the long term arrivals – indicating length of stay is a critical factor on whether they are able to talk to aid providers

Recommendations •

• • •

Each and every aid agency has to coordinate with the local media by sharing the information and the press release to us to inform the refugees, IDPs, vulnerable people through radio Improvement of working relationships between humanitarian agencies and the private sector For better communication between refugees and aid agencies radios are required, and aid agencies should consider distributing solar radio Less expensive solar mobile phones should be available to assist communication

Information is aid and the radio is the most informative tool for affected people

Star FM directors holding the award the station won ``CNN Africa award’’


FM presenter conducting Telephone Interview


FM Presenter Editing The program


FM anchor reading news


FM anchor reading news

Star FM presenter in the studio during live show on reproductive health issue. 5

Star FM Presenters Brain storming about the coming up Program

Star FM Staff entertaining the public on disaster reduction campaign in Garissa.

Star FM Youth Training in Dadaab

Ali Idow listens to Star FM radio at the Ifo extension refugee camp in Dadaab daab.

Refugees women received solar radio, Star FM covered the Initiative.daab.

Star FM reporter interviewing the women who received the solar radiosdaab.

Mobile Phone Charging Site.

Star FM – listen now Live stream: Facebook: star fm-the voice of nep Website: Email: [email protected] Listen live in Europe: +44 203 670 0326 Listen live in North America: +1 213 992 4337

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