Strathfield Football Club `The Strikers` Welcome to 2009 Season

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Strathfield Football Club ‘The Strikers’ Coaches & Managers Information Night Burwood RSL 25 March 2013


 Please put your phones on silent or turn them off  Feel free to ask questions at any time but please be respectful of the speakers  Bar is open, finger food is supplied, please help yourselves

The Structure

• Executive • Management Committee

• Coaches/Managers • Parent Volunteers

• Players

Club’s Aim

To promote and encourage sportsmanship, teamwork and character


General Meetings

 Held 1st Monday of every month  We welcome you to come along and encourage you to get involved


 The Club relies on sponsorship

 Sponsorship enables us to fund new equipment and gear for the players  It also helps to keep registration fees low  If your interested in Sponsoring the Club contact Chris Robinson, Senior Vice President via email or phone

Member Protection

All members & visitors have a right to:

 be safe and protected from any harm or abuse  be respected, cared for and listened to  be supported by others in your team and club Players (in addition to above):

 participate equally with everyone else

What is the Club doing to protect its Members?  Strathfield FC Member Protection Policy

 Coaches and Managers Code of Conduct  Players Code of Conduct  Parent and Spectator Code of Conduct  Prohibited Employment Declaration  mandatory for all Officials, coaches, managers, canteen workers, etc

Behaviour expected of Coaches/Managers:  Treat all team members equally

 Provide encouragement to all players  Adopt positive language and behaviour  Supervise players at all times  Ensure physical contact is appropriate

Incidents that might occur  Bullying within the team  Physical Bullying  Verbal Bullying  Incidents while on the field

 Abuse of referee  Abuse of children by parents, officials and other team  Sledging by your team or opposing team

What do I do if an incident does occur?  Fill out a report in the incident reporting book which is kept at the Canteen  Notify an Official of the Club • President • Secretary • Member Protection Officer It is Vital to involve an official quickly so that any matter can be addressed

Training  No one will be allowed to train at Strathfield Park on Mondays as this will be the park’s rest day. If you would like train on Monday we have Cooke Park booked for you.  Please, whilst training, stay away from the goal mouth and the cricket pitch

 If you have not submitted your training times, please email Rick at [email protected] ASAP

Team Folder Location: Pigeon Hole near Equipment Room     

CDSFA Official Team Sheets (U12 & above) Referee Payment Booklet (U10 & above) Club Attendance Sheet (U6 – U7) Other Relevant Info that Club needs to pass on Please collect each Saturday/Sunday PRIOR to game along with referee monies  Return folder and (any referee monies not used) after game on the same day

CDSFA Official Team Sheet U12s & Above  4 copies:  Home Team  First two copies (white/yellow)  Away Team  Third copy (pink)  Referee  Last copy (green) give to Referee  Return your copies after your game to the box located at the side of the canteen.  Sunday games if the canteen is closed you will need to drop your copies into the box provided under the carport at 38A Mackenzie St Strathfield

Further Information

CDSFA Official Team Sheet U8 – U11 All coaches and manages for U8-U11 will now be responsible for printing their match sheets IF they are the home team Go to website Enter the Username: record Password: thescore Place your cursor over ‘Competition’ Click on ‘match sheets print’ Enter your team details, click on ‘print’

CDSFA Official Team Sheet U8 – U11 cont….

CDSFA Official Team Sheet U8 – U11 cont….

CDSFA Official Team Sheet U8 – U11 cont….

CDSFA Official Team Sheet U8 – U11 cont….

CDSFA Official Team Sheet U8s & Above  Club will incur fines if the Team Sheet is not completed correctly or handed in on time  Note: Cautions, Dismissals & Injuries Section  From 2014, ALL teams will be printing their own team sheets as per U8-U11 process

Recording your result All coaches and manages will now be responsible for recording their result into the compman system Go to website Enter the

Username: record Password: thescore Place your cursor over ‘Competition’ Click on ‘iscores – online score update’ Enter the score next to your game making sure you enter the home and away score correctly A laptop will be available at the canteen on the weekend.

Recording your result cont….

Recording your result cont….

Recording your result cont….

Club Game Attendance Sheet U6s-U7s  No CDSFA Official Team Sheet  Club Game Attendance Sheet must be completed each week and returned to the box located at the canteen  They are required for insurance purposes - The onus is on Manager/Coach to provide evidence in the event of an accident  The first 5-6 Weeks Game Attendance Sheets have been placed in your GREEN folder – after that they can be downloaded from the Website

Club Game Attendance Sheet U6-U7 only

Minis Format U6s & U7s  All games played at Strathfield Park  Some games may be organised with local area clubs  Rules can be found on our website under “Forms & Documents” tab

Competition/Finals Format Under 8 – Under 11

 9 & 10 team comps, 18 rounds followed by end of season presentation round Under 12 – Under 21  5 & 6 team comps, 15 rounds followed by end of season finals series  7 & 8 team comps, 14 rounds followed by end of season finals series All Age & Over 35’s

 9 &10 team comps, 18 rounds followed by end of season finals series

Competition/Finals Format Cont… Finals Series

 Top four teams play 1v2 and 3v4  Winner of 1v2 progressing to Grand Final  The loser of 3v4 being eliminated and the winner of 3v4 playing the loser of 1v2 in a preliminary final (3 weekends)  The winner of the preliminary final to then progress to the Grand Final  Drawn finals will require extra time and penalty shoot out if necessary

The Draw  Published by C.D.S.F.A  No regrading for U10s & above  Season Breaks/Holidays:  June Long Weekend – to be used for catch-up games  July – Middle weekend of July school holidays to be used for catchup games  If you are in a 10 team comp, there will be double headers

 10 Team Comps (All Age & O/35) – will play through June & July (i.e. no breaks) Check the CDSFA Website regularly as changes are often made without warning and the onus is on you to know when and where your games are played each week

CDSFA Rules 2013 Minis  Under 6 and 7 (4 players no goalkeeper) Coaches must remain on sideline – No Coaching Permitted  Under 8 & 9 (6 players plus goalkeeper) Coaches must remain on sideline  U10 & U11 (8 field players plus goalkeeper) Coaches must remain on sideline

Forfeits  If your team cannot make a game, we must give 72 hours notice (min) to avoid fines

CDSFA Rules 2013 Cont... Player Eligibility  No player may play in a lower age group or division  No player may play more than 2 years above actual age  If age difference is only one year player from lower age group can play in high age group at the same division or higher; eg. a 10/2 could play 11/2 or 11/1 but not 11/3

 Where the difference is 2 years the player can play in any division

CDSFA Rules Cont…..  A copy of the Competition Rules will be in the Canteen  If you have an issue with the rules or how they are interpreted you Must write it on the CDSFA Official Team Sheet  ALL appeals Must be received at CDSFA by Monday at midday  It is often handy to print out a copy of the Competition Rules and carry them with you

On Game Day

 Only TWO Club Officials are permitted in the Roped off Area of the ground

 They must have a Coach/managers or Club Officials Badge which has been issued by CDSFA  ALL Parents must remain OUTSIDE the roped off area at ALL Times

No Smoking “Section 6A of the Smoke-free Environment Act 2000 makes a number of outdoor public places smoke-free. From 7 January 2013, smoking is banned in spectator areas at public sports grounds and other recreational areas in NSW. However, smoking will only be banned when an organised sporting event is being held. Major sporting facilities are included under the definition of a public sports ground and will be required to comply with the new law. Other outdoor sporting facilities, such as Local Council playing fields, are also covered by the new law.” – NSW Health ‘No Smoking Factsheet’

No Smoking Cont…. Penalties apply under the “Smoke-free Environment Act 2000”

Random venue checks will be run by NSW Health inspectors Penalty for individual smoking $550

Penalty for club $5,500

ID Cards Each registered player is issued with photo ID card –

No ID Card = No Play This is not up for discussion with the Referee or the other team The Manager or Coach is responsible for checking the opposition cards PRIOR to Game

The referee will check & hold the cards during the game, it is YOUR responsibility to collect them ID cards ready for pickup – Check them, any errors email [email protected] this evening.

Referees - What you need to know  Cash payments for Referees on game day. Payments to be collected from canteen prior to game  The Referee will not commence the game unless payment has been received  No Show Referee – must be mutually agreed by both Managers, i.e. Signed on Team Sheet  Games must aim to start on time. If for any reason, they cannot, then time will be deducted from your game

 Referee is in control of players, coaches and managers  Coaches & Managers must respect referees. Abuse towards Junior Referees is considered child abuse

Ground Officials

 Parents and spectators MUST obey the instructions given by the Ground Officials

 You may be requested to provide a Ground Official at your away Game  The referee CAN direct the Ground Official to remove a Spectator, Coach or Manager – They must leave the vicinity of the Game

RED Cards

 If a player receives two yellow cards they will automatically receive a red card  This is an automatic one week suspension from playing  If the Referee deems the offence serious enough a straight red card may be issued

 The matter will be heard at the Judiciary Committee (JC) Meeting on the Tuesday following the game

RED Cards

 CDSFA has a guide on the penalties issued on their website

 If you want to appeal a penalty you will need to appear at the JC Meeting the following week after the penalty has been handed down


Disciplinary Committee  If the matter is deemed ‘of a very serious nature’ and further investigation or penalty is required the matter may be referred to the Disciplinary Committee – This is serious and the Club will be issued a Notice to Appear by CDSFA  We have received Notices to Appear in relation to the Club, individual players, whole teams, spectators, a coach and/or manager

Please be aware that CDSFA has a NO Tolerance Policy in relation to swearing, violence and/or intimidation of Referees

If an Incident Occurs at a Game

 There is an incident Report Booklet at the Canteen – it must be filled in

 You MUST notify the Club’s Administration Officer so that a defence can be prepared  The Club is often notified on a Wednesday and are required to respond to CDSFA by Thursday

Dressing/Undressing of fields Dressing of Fields: First team playing at Strathfield Park is responsible for: Goal Nets Corner Posts Rope Fields Undressing of Fields: Last team playing at Strathfield Park is responsible for: All Equipment to be returned to Equipment Room in a tidy manner Share the Duties!

Set up & Strip Field – U6/U7

 U6 parents will be required to set up the mini fields

 U7 parents will be required to strip the fields  A roster will be prepared & communicated to Team Manager

Set up and Strip Field – U8 and above  Field set up is important  The Club has experienced on occasions where teams rostered to complete this task do not and the Committee Members working on the weekend are left completing the task  To stop this from happening the Club has imposed a forfeit penalty on a team who fails to have their designated field set up 30 minutes prior to kick off or fails to strip field as per the Club’s field roster system

Set up and Strip Field – U8 and above  The forfeit would apply to the Team’s next round game  The forfeit penalty would be imposed and communicated by the Grounds Official on duty to the relevant Strikers’ Coach and/or Manager  The Grounds Official will notify the Competition Secretary to inform CDSFA of forfeit and the President that a penalty forfeit has been imposed

Jerseys & Equipment

 Jerseys remain the Managers’ responsibility for the entire season and MUST be returned at the end of the Season  Jerseys are to be used for weekend games only  Jerseys are not to be worn for training or any other purposes  Recommend (boys only): Collect full set at end of each game & roster for washing  Shorts, socks, bags, beanies, caps and polo tops are available for purchase at the canteen

Website Information Available:  The Draw  Wet Weather  Club Contacts  Ground Location  What’s New  CDSFA Rules  Calendar of Events  Forms and Documents  FAQs  Team Awards, History and Honours

News Articles

 Promoting the Club in local newspapers  Strathfield Scene, Burwood Scene and Inner-West Weekly  If you have a good story about a player, the team or a Coach/Manager I would like to hear from you  Send to [email protected]

Our Coach Development Program

 The Club is committed to developing its Coaches to improve their skills & competencies  We have been working with Ivan & Milan Bosnar from F.A.S.T. Football Academy to design a program to:  Teach you how to plan a training session  How to engage the players and pitch your comments

 Provide training drills  How to prepare your team for match day & your role

Coach Accreditation

 Courses are available for coaches to gain accreditation at Grassroots, Junior or Youth level  Grassroots and Junior courses are available from CDSFA free of cost  The Grassroots course is a 3 hour course designed for coaches of U6s to U8s  The Junior course is a 14 hour course usually completed over 2 to 3 days coaches designed for U9s to U14s  Youth Courses for coaches of U15 teams and above would be subsidised by the Club



 Remember check your ID cards any errors or missing cards email Chris [email protected]

General Meetings

 Held 1st Monday of every month  We welcome you to come along and encourage you to get involved

Thank you

Have a great 2013 Season!

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