Subjunctive Wish

January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Writing, Spelling
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Subjunctive Wish

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To express that something we regret is not as we would like to be. Future Wish Present Wish Past Wish

Future Wish You will have a birthday party tomorrow. You will invite all your friends. But, your closest friend cannot come, because he is being sick.

S + wish/wishes + S + could/would +V1 S + wish/wishes + S + could/would +be + C

Present Wish You have planned to watch ‘Final Destination’ in Grand 21. But, when you come to the studio, the movie is off. S + wish/wishes + S + was/were + C S + wish/wishes + S + V2

Past Wish

Your class had picnic yesterday. However, the chief of the committee could not join the picnic, he had an exam. S + wish/wishes + S + had + V3 S + wish/wishes + S + had been + C

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