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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Communications
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Understanding makes a difference and we understand better when we listen. Sue Hatton – Autism Advisor Craegmoor - Priory Quality Team

Quality in Autism • What does that look like? • How do we know? • Learn to listen to those who have autism.

A brief survey revealed… 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

A calm atmosphere An uncluttered environment Visual support to aid communication Good structure to a meaningful day Real engagement between staff and those they seek to support.

First steps for staff and those they support.

Five steps towards improving quality. Step One. • Internal staff conference in south and north of the country to get staff listening to people with ASC and their families. • To begin to win hearts and minds on the importance of understanding.

Step Two. • Person centred autism induction as a foundation for staff starting their job with individuals with autism. • Building blocks of staff training to develop a network of autism champions across Craegmoor Services.

Step Three • Profiling how autism impacts upon each individual. • So we can support each individual in relation to that impact.

Step Four • An internal quality kite mark to indicate an autism friendly service. • That could be a step towards National Autistic Society Accreditation.

Step five

• Developing self awareness and self knowledge amongst individuals with ASC within Craegmoor Services. • To enable them to be involved in staff training.

Research to measure impact and inform future planning. • Led by the Autism Research Centre at Birmingham University

Changes in lives…..

Simone understands better – Jake’s life is better

Making the walk predictable makes the walk enjoyable.

First Hair then Bus

Relationship is possible..

Manager from Evergreens Now I understand why he asks all those questions over and over again and I don’t get irritated any more, I just answer them and all is calm again.

Deputy Manager – The Gables Anna used to scream, hit and bite people. The difference is amazing. Staff are happy to take her out. Anna understands herself better, we understand Anna and her autism better….

“I like a glass of golden wine when I go to the pub”

Next steps…..and more learning • Always there is more to learn and work to be done. • At times staff can be very tough to convince. • The need to work alongside, demonstrate, get involved.

Learning in the workplace • • • • • • •

Shadowing Coaching Supervision Mentoring Observation Reflective practice Above all else we need to ensure we keep listening to people with ASC.

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