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Teleological Argument/argument from design Albert Einstein said ‘ When I see all the glories of the cosmos, I cannot help to believe that there was a divine hand behind it all.’ (Awe inspiring)

By the end of the lesson you should be able to…   

explain William Paley’s watch analogy and how it relates to the idea of design understand the design (teleological) argument for the existence of God appreciate and discuss some of the strengths and weaknesses of the argument

Key words: 1.Cosmological Argument – first cause 2.Teleological Argument – argument from design 3.Purpose – things appear to be connected 4.William Paley – watch analogy 5.Isaac Newton – thumb print 6.Richard Dawkins – Atheist/scientist 7.Thomas Aquinas – Cosmological Argument

Design Which of these three is the odd one out?

What is design?

When things are connected and seem to have a purpose: for example the eye is designed for seeing.

What evidence is there of design in the world? Evidence of design in the world

Draw the following table Aspect of the world/universe The whole universe

Evidence of Design or 

Reason Can’t have just happened by chance

Is this evidence for purposeful design in world?? The Complexity of nature?

Spiral Galaxy disk containing stars, gas and dust

Is this evidence for purposeful design in world?? Isaac Newton’s thumb

The Complexity of nature

‘In the absence

The human immune system

of any other proof, the thumb alone would convince me of the existence of God’.

Is this evidence for purposeful design in world? The Complexity of nature



Is this evidence for purposeful design in world?? The Complexity of nature? DNA - the blueprint of life (Double Helix Structure)

Is this evidence for purposeful design in world?? The Complexity of nature?

blend in with their surroundings.

Key ‘chap’ William Paley He said, 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

6. 7. 8.

Imagine finding a watch in the street, if you had never seen one before On examining it, you would be amazed at its complicated inner workings You might assume there must have been a watchmaker who designed and put it together. It’s the same when you look at the world. It is designed, it is ordered, it is intricate It could not have been made by chance. It is so complicated yet everything fits perfectly into place Therefore the world needs a world-maker/creator This creator is God This explains the design in the world

To do… 1.

Draw a watch and in your own words explain Paley’s Watch argument for the existence of God.


Create a flow diagram to explain how the appearance of design may lead to, or support, belief in God.

Problems with the design argument?? Bad design? Cruelty

Natural Disasters Designer = God(s)



Problems with the design argument

Let Richard Dawkins explain (14-18)  His message is based on the work of Charles Darwin who said that humans evolved through a mechanism of natural selection.  The animals that survive adapt to the environment better.  Can you think of an example: Explain how evolution worked for this animal.

Demonstrate your learning What are the problems with the argument?  Explain what you think about the design argument? 

Homework – due next lesson ‘The design argument proves that God exists’ i. Do you agree? Give reasons for your opinion ii. Give reasons why some people may disagree with you…

6 mark question – How your marks are calculated. Level 0 0

No evidence submitted or response does not address the question.

Level 1 1-2

A weak attempt to answer the question. Candidates will demonstrate little understanding of the question.  A small amount of relevant information may be included  Answers may be in the form of a list with little or no description/explanation/analysis  There will be little or no use of specialist terms  Answers may be ambiguous or disorganised  Errors of grammar, punctuation and spelling may be intrusive

Level 2 3-4

A satisfactory answer to the question. Candidates will demonstrate some understanding of the question.  Information will be relevant but may lack specific detail  There will be some description/explanation/analysis although this may not be fully developed  The information will be presented for the most part in a structured format  Some use of specialist terms, although these may not always be used appropriately  There may be errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation

Level 3 5-6

A good answer to the question.  Candidates will demonstrate a clear understanding of the question.  A fairly complete and full description/explanation/analysis  A comprehensive account of the range and depth of relevant material.  The information will be presented in a structured format  There will be significant, appropriate and correct use of specialist terms.  There will be few if any errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation

Pretend you are God and write a response to this prayer

Dear Lord,

Why is there so much trouble in the world? Please can you come down and sort it out!

What is the main problem with praying?

How do Christians respond to this?

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