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Famous Historical Landmark in San Antonio

• The Alamo was originally a mission, but later it was used as an army outpost. The Alamo was home to the first recorded hospital in Texas. • Later, the Alamo was the location of an important battle and the Alamo became a symbol of Texas bravery. It is now a shrine to Texas Liberty. • The Alamo is located in San Antonio. People from all over the world visit the Alamo.

The San Jacinto Monument • This monument is a memorial to men who died in the Texas Revolutionary War during the Battle of San Jacinto. • The column is 567 feet high, making it the tallest monument column in the world. • It is an octagonal column and it is topped with a star. •

It is located near the Houston ship channel.

The Texas Capitol • The state capital of Texas is in Austin and it is the home of the Texas Capitol building. • The Texas Capitol is 15 feet taller than our National Capitol in Washington, D.C. • It is larger than any other state capitol and it was built in 1888. • The Texas Capitol is where the state legislature meets.

• The Capitol was designed by Elijah E. Myers. • The Goddess of Liberty statue is on the top of the dome.

Kennedy Memorial Plaza • This is a memorial to President John F. Kennedy. He was shot and killed in Dallas in 1963. • The memorial was designed by Philip Johnson and he wanted it to represent the freedom of President Kennedy’s spirit. • The memorial has no roof. The openings are decorated with medallions and at night it looks like it is held up by lights.

The University of Texas

The University of Texas • The University of Texas (UT) originated in 1839 but the first building was not completed until 1899. • The University of Texas is located in the state capital, Austin. • The mascot of the University of Texas (UT) is the longhorn and is also the state’s largest mammal of Texas. • University of Texas (UT) houses seven museums and seventeen libraries.

• University of Texas (UT) is known all over the world for excellent research.

• Big Tex has been greeting visitors at the Texas State Fair since 1952. • He is fifty two feet tall and he wears the largest pair of jeans ever made. • His hat is a seventy two gallon stetson and his cowboy boots are sized seventy. • Big Tex is a popular place for people to meet when they are at the fair. • He was originally a Christmas decoration in the town of Kerens, Texas.

• De Leon Plaza was set aside by colony founder Martin De Leon. Monuments, a band stand and benches add to this lovely tree-filled green space located in historic downtown Victoria. It is a popular setting for festivals and special events.

The Street of 10 Friends • This site commemorates the former name for Victoria's Main Street, La Calle De Los Diez Amigos - the Street of Ten Friends. The street was originally named in honor of the influential individuals who were responsible for the initial success of the colony commonly referred to as Guadalupe Victoria.

Martin DeLeon • The De León Colony settled in present day Victoria, Texas. The town was named in honor of Jesús Guadalupe de Victoria first President of Mexico and a close personal friend of Don Martín DeLeon. They developed their town around the main street, known as "La Calle de Los Diez Amigos" named after the ten most trusted citizens of Don Martín's colony.

• The Victoria Texas Zoo started in 1957 when James Yates, who ran a packing plant near Foster Field, donated an African lioness to Mayor McCright. The Mayor decided that Victoria should have a zoo and approached the Lions Club, who provided a cage. Fire Marshall Richardson was assigned responsibility and the Victoria City Zoo was born…

• The courthouse was built between in 1892 and is known as the 1892 Victoria County Courthouse. Used as Courthouse for 74 years (1893-1967), this handsome building replaced structure erected during third year of statehood--1849.

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