The Basic Elements of Drama

January 17, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Performing Arts, Drama
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The Basic Elements of Drama

Steve Wood DRA 111 TCCC

Theater and Drama “Theater” comes from the Greek “theatron,” which literally means “seeing place.” “Drama” comes from the Greek “dran,” which means “to do.”

Basic Elements of Drama 1 The place – Following the Greek “theatron,” the location of the dramatic production, the type of theater building, is an important aspect of the experience.

Basic Elements of Drama 2 · A Story – According to Aristotle, drama is based upon mimesis (the imitation of an action). Climax



Exposition In medias res

Falling Action


Basic Elements of Drama 3 Within the story, there are the characters. The main character is called the protagonist. The opposing character is called the antagonist.

Characters and Actors Within the plot, there are characters. Within the performance, there are the actors who bring the characters to life. Acting performances involve 1) Voice, 2) Movement and 3) Gestures.

A Famous Definition of Drama Drama involves three boards, two characters, and one truth.

Other Basic Elements of Drama Scenery Costumes Props (also known as hand properties) Conventions

Basic Elements of Drama The audience is the essence of any dramatic production.

THE TRUTH Last, but certainly not least, great drama always possesses an element of truth. The paradox of drama is that this truth exists in spite of the fact that everything about drama is a sham: actors are pretending to be other people; costumes, scenery, and props deceive the audience into believing the stage is some other place; the plots are not usually true in the sense that a newspaper story is true.

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