The Big Family in the Little house

January 16, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Anthropology, Mythology
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(1.1) Once, Adv. Once. 700. Once there was a man with a big family. On one occasion. (1.3) Aunt, N. aunt. 61. He went to town to talk to his aunt. The sister of your mother or father.

(1.3) Wise, adj. wise. 1151. She was a wise woman, and she always knew what to do. Based on good judgment and experience. (1.4) Knew, v. know. 566. She was a wise woman, and she always knew what to do. To have information about. To have information about something.

(1.5) Few, pron, adv. Few. 375. Eight people in just a few rooms!. A small number of things or people. (1.5) Such, pron. Such. 1017. We can never be happy in such a little house. (2.1) Asked, v. Ask. 53. Then she asked, How many animals do you have on your farm?. To make a request for help, advice, information, etc. (3.1) Lot, n. lot. 602. We have a lot of animals, said the man. A large amount, quantity, or number of something.

(4.1) Those, pron. That. 1049. Take all those animals in your house with you. Used to talk about someone or something that is far away from you or closer to another person that it is to you. (5.1) Told, v. Tell. 1043. But he went home and did what his aunt told him. To give someone facts or information in speech or writing. (7.1) Fill, v. Fill. 379. They fill all the rooms. To become full of something or to make something full. (7.2) Beds, n. Bed. 80. They sleep in our beds. A piece of furniture for sleeping.

(7.2) noisy, adj. Noisy, 681, They are dirty and noisy. Making a lot of noise, or full of noise. (8.2) take, v. Take. 1034. Then she said, Now go home and take the animals out of your house. To move someone or something from one place to another. (9.1) took, v. Take. 1034. The man went home and took the animals out of the house. To move someone or something from one place to another.

A- Title: The Big Family in the Little house. B- Type of literature: Fable C- Author or from which: Jewish fable from Eastern Europe

D- Place: In the little house and home of the aunt E- Introduction: A man realizes that he is happy in his little house with his big family.

F- Rising action: He goes to his aunt's house to asked for advice and she said to take all the animals to the house. G- Climax: He put all the animals in the house and he was getting crazy. H- Falling action: He went to his aunt’s again and she told him to take the animal’s aunt of the house. I- Resolution: He take the animal of the house and realize that he could be living worst.

Moral of the story: The message is that we must learn to live with what you have, always with a positive way and see that your life will do much better.

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