The Famous Movers and Shakers of Canadian History

January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Political Science, Civics
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The Famous Movers and Shakers of Canadian History Social Studies 10 Review MUNDY - 2009

Rebellions of 1837 Louis Joseph Papineau Leader of Lower Canada’s Rebellion Leader of Parti Rouge (United Canada)

William Lyon Mackenzie Leader of Upper Canada’s Rebellion Editor of Colonial Advocate Member of Legislative Assembly (Upper Canada)

Rebellions of 1837 Lord Durham Governor of the Canadas – 1838 Created Durham’s Report on Rebellions

Responsible Government Lord Elgin Governor of the Canadas – 1847 Created responsible government in United Canada Rebellion Losses Bill – refused to veto

Road to Confederation John A. Macdonald Creator of “Great Coalition” Leader of Tories First Prime Minister of Canada

George Cartier Leader of Parti Bleu Member of “Great Coalition”

George Brown Leader of Clear Grits Editor of Globe (newspaper) Member of “Great Coalition”

Hudson’s Bay Company George Simpson Manager (Chief Factor) of Northwest – 1821

John McLoughlin Chief Factor - Fort Vancouver Established forts along Oregon Territory

Hudson’s Bay Company Lord Selkirk HBC Director Creator of Selkirk’s Grant

Cuthbert Grant “Warden of Plains” – HBC Fought as Métis leader in Battle at Seven Oaks

Robert Semple Agent of Lord Selkirk Died in Battle of Seven Oaks

NOT PICTURED: Miles Macdonell Agent of Lord Selkirk Pemmican Proclamation

Hudson’s Bay Company Colin Robertson Agent of Lord Selkirk Attempted to keep the peace in the Selkirk Grant area in the wake of Macdonell and the Pemmican Proclamation

Rebellion – Red River Louis Riel Métis Leader Lawyer from Quebec Drafted List of Rights Headed Provisional Government

Dr. John Schulz Not a doctor Headed Canadian Party Part of Orange Order Editor of NorWester

Rebellion – Red River Thomas Scott Member of Schulz’s Canadian Party Executed by Riel’s Provisional Government

British Columbia James Douglas Governor of both Colonies of Vancouver Island & British Columbia

Frederick Seymour Governor of BC (after it was joined) Convinced (co-opted) BC to join Confederation

Which is the true picture?

Modern Canada Wilfred Laurier Prime Minister of Canada 1896 – 1911 Manitoba Schools Question Naval Issue Reciprocity Alaskan Boundary Dispute South African (Boer) War “Last Best West” Campaign

Clifford Sifton Minister of the Interior Architect of “Last Best West” Campaign

Modern Canada Nellie McClung Women’s suffrage movement leader First woman elected in Alberta legislature Fought in Person’s Case

Mary Ellen Smith First woman elected in BC legislature

Modern Canada James Dunsmuir Lieutenant Governor of BC 1906 Refused to sign anti-Asian immigration bill

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