The Jewish festival of Pesach

January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Science, Earth Science, Plate Tectonics
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The Jewish festival of Pesach

This story is found in the Torah and the Bible • The Jews have many festivals and celebrations Pesach is one of these celebrations • It celebrates when the Israelites left Egypt

Remember the nine plagues that God sent to the land of Egypt

After the final plague, the death of all the first born Pharaoh let Moses and the Israelites go.

Moses had told the Israelites to be ready to leave • They were dressed ready to leave • Had a meal standing up

Moses and the Israelites left Egypt

They had to leave in a hurry

Every year the Jews have a special meal to remember when Moses and the Jews come out of Egypt

The Seder meal

Each of the foods eaten has a special meaning Bitter herbs

Green vegetable Haroset

Lamb bone

Roast egg Salt water

What have we found out about Pesach and the Seder plate

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