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January 13, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Sociology, Discrimination
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Immigration US History

Definition  Immigrant:

A person who comes to another country for the purpose of living there.

Old Immigration  1830’s-1880’s  Most came from North and Western Europe

1840-1850  Large Irish population

came to the US because of a potato famine in Ireland  They would settle in US ports and cities like New York and Boston

1840’s  A large number of

Germans came to the US because of crop failures  Others left for religious or political freedom  They would settle in Midwest farms and cities (Cincinnati, Milwaukee, and St. Louis)

1850’s  Chinese immigrants settle in the West because of the

Gold Rush

How were immigrants treated?  In some areas

immigrants were welcomed because workers were needed badly.  In other areas, immigrants were resented because they dressed and sounded different, as well as practiced different religions.

New Immigration  1885-1910  Most immigrants were from central, southern, and eastern Europe.

Italians and Sicilians  Italians and Sicilians came in large numbers

because they needed to leave a poor economy and overpopulation.

Eastern Europeans  Eastern European

Jews were fleeing because of discrimination and poverty.  In many European areas, Jews were not allowed to own land, move, or work.

Slavs  Slavs are people from

Eastern Europe that have a similar language and customs.

 They came to the US

for political freedom and a better economy.

Common Characteristics of Immigration  New immigrants

typically flock to cities because of more jobs, housing, and services.  They formed ethnic neighborhoods where they often live together in areas (Little Italy, Chinatown, etc.)

More common characteristics  Often immigrants

would face public resentment  Many worried that immigrants would never assimilate (adapt to the culture one lives in)  Many blamed immigrants for low wages and loss of jobs

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