This is PHIL 9.3 DE ancient Greece

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This is PHIL. Fill in the blanks. You MAY write on this. 9.3 What were the major cultural innovations of ancient Greece? ____________________, ___________________ and _____________________ 3 Great Philosophers that influenced future thinkers 1. 2. 3. What were some of the contributions of Ancient Greece to modern society? (video 1 min) List 7

What were the ideas of Socrates and how did they influence the world? (5 min video) Take notes from video to discuss

________________ would question everything to encourage people to focus on why the believe a certain way on moral issues. What were the ideas of Plato? (1 min video) take notes

Plato wanted to be a ______________. Because of _____________ _________of political leaders, he changed his mind. He opened a school called the ___________. The _____________ taught _____________, ____________, and_________________. The school prepared students for roles as statesmen, or ____________________. It was not open to the public. Considered to be a model for modern ______________________. Plato wrote ________________________ which provided important information about ________________. However, it is questioned if the truly represents how Socrates believed or if it what __________ believed. The later works offer philosophical theories about ideas such as ________________, __________________, and ____________________. What is the importance of The Republic? Plato’s The Republic, describes an ____________________ and discusses ideas of _____________and different forms of _______________________. 3 social classes: 1. 2. 3.

Plato’s ideas differed from ancient Chinese philosophies ____________________ and ________________. ________________emphasizes filial piety, the respect and care of one’s elders, as the highest moral good. ________________________ teaches that a good ruler is one who interferes as little as possible in the lives of his or her subjects. In The Republic, Plato stated that rulers earned the right to rule by making wise decisions and emphasizes the ______________and __________________ of every person in his or her society. Plato’s arguments were against __________ and ____________ ownership. This influenced forms of governments, such as _________________ and __________________.

What were the ideas of Aristotle? Aristotle entered “_____________________” at 18 and studied for ____ years. He was considered to be the “______________________” by Plato. Aristotle developed the process of logical inference is referred to as ___________________. Ex: animal dies, deer is an animal, therefore a deer dies. This logical inference influenced a process scientists now use to develop experiments that test hypotheses and draw _________________ conclusions from them is called the ___________________________. Aristotle developed the _________________ ________________. This is where the “best-qualified person” (______ or ______) rules, but the people have a say as well by limiting the power of the ______________ by establishing a constitution or “____________________”. When Aristotle left the Academy, he became the tutor to _____________________, the son of King Philip II of _______________________. After 7 years, Aristotle formed a school, called the ________________________, where he taught his __________________________. How did ancient Greek math and science influence modern life? Watch videos, take notes and discuss

___________________, a mathematician and philosopher who lived in the sixth century BCE, led a movement to study the nature of numbers. He and his followers derived the______________________ __________________. Physicist ____________________________ investigated the ways levers worked and invented the _________________ ____________, a machine that could ________ very heavy loads with ____________ effort. ____________________, a doctor who lived during the classical period, studied the causes of ___________________ and their possible ______________.

What was the cultural influence of ancient Greece? After the ___________________ wars, the city-states built the _________________, ______________ and ____________________ buildings, usually in the center of the _________ on a ______so it would be easy to __________. An example of these buildings was the ______________________, it was dedicated to the goddess _________________.

Athens: The Spirit of Architecture (3 min video) take notes

The ___________ and _____________ __________________ in sculptures in ancient Greece became more _______________ and __________________ during the classical period, The human body without ________________. This style can be seen throughout Western art is called ________________. These sculptures usually had ________________ meanings. The ____________________ adopted much of the ______________style, and influences can still be seen today. Many important government buildings in _________________, D.C., such as the ____________________ and the _____________________________ Building, use the classic Greek styles.

Write a paragraph about different places Greek architecture has influenced and how.

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