This side of paradise

January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: History, World History
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Di: Siria Carrara ,3ALS, A.S.2013/2014 Liceo Scientifico Einstein, Cervignano

:  Title;  Publication

 Setting;


 Themes;

 Character;

 Message

 Content;

 New

to be learnt;

Vocabulary learnt;

: This side of paradise 1.

Why has the novelist chosen this title?


What are the argument of his novel?

Maybe, the novelist would tell the reader his life;

The novelist’s answer: The title has been changed to “This Side of Paradise” from those lines of Rupert Brooke:Well, this side of paradise, There’s little comfort in the wise.

1920 :




Amory Blaine(main character) 4.

Eleanor Savage(Amory’s second love)


Monsignor Darcy(spiritual mentor)

Beatrice Blaine(Amory’s mother) Rosalind Connage(Amory’s first love)

-This side of paradise-

1. 2.

The novelist refers to This side of Paradise as a “quest novel”; Amory wants to make peace with himself and finds his place in the world;


The novel is inspired by Scott Fitzgerald and friend’s lifes;


The story tells about Amory Blaine’s life; Amory is Beatrice and Stephen’s son;

5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

During his childhood he travels with his mother,until he is left with his uncle and aunt; He attends St.Regis school; Then Beatrice comes to take him back because she was healed; He goes to Princeton University; He meet Monsignor Darcy;

-This side of Paradise-

11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21.

He serves in the army in World War I; Beatrice dies; He falls in love with Rosalind Connage; She doesn’t want to marry him; He is devasted ; He has a short summer romance with Eleonor; Monsignor Darcy passes away; He has no money; After these experience, he comes to see his own selfishness; So he decides to walk to Princeton; In the night he arrives at Rosalind’s house, he raches his hands and says:

I know mysef, but that is all.

-This side of paradise-

: at the beginning of 19° century (first and then the first world war)


relationship between mom and son,


relationship with school,


the relationship between friends,


university life,


the relationship between girls and boys,


the relationship with religion,


relationship with themselfs

-This side of Paradise-

 everything

happens in life has a purpose:acceptance of his own personage;  The most important aspect of this book is what Amory learns about himself;  Is also a reflection about the youth of 19th century.

To take the blame :prendersi la colpa

To pass away: morire

Close tie :rapporto stretto

To refer: attribuire

To be amused: divertirsi

Scornfully :sprezzante

shout in salutation:gridare in segno di saluto

 

is scheduled: è programmato harmless kind: specie innoqua

-This side of paradise-

To be restless: essere agitato

To inherit from: ereditare da

to waver:vacillare

Astounding: sbalorditivo

full of awestruck: pieno di sgomento

to be awful: essere terribile

to fumbling:per armeggiare

Penniless:al verde

through the crowd: attraverso la folla



To be beyond: essere al di la

trifle :sciocchezza


stout: robusto

to banter :canzonare


to fit in: adattarsi

damn it all:dannazione

clergy: clero


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