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January 22, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Science, Health Science, Immunology
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Mechanism of Fungal Attack Essential Components For Disease

Favorable weather/ Environment

Action Privi Take


Favorable weather/ Environment


What is Privi Nutrifight  Privi Nutrifight is a Activated Potassium Salt of Long Chain Phosphorous.  Privi Nutrifight is a unique first ever formulation in India to provide

dual benefit of providing nutrition to plants and strengthening it against pathogen attack.  The active potassium helps in strengthening plant resistance to disease by boosting its phenolic metabolism, carbon, nitrogen and active oxygen metabolism.

Phosphite If Phosphite is applied to the leaves it is easily absorbed and transported down the Phloem, throughout the plant and into the roots (i.e: it is systemic).

Phosphite is highly mobile within plants unlike most fungicides.This means that you are getting protection throughout the whole plant.

If Phosphite is applied to the roots it is easily absorbed and transported up the Xylem and throughout the plant (i.e: it is systemic).


Disease Pressure during Monsoon Soil Moisture Stress Nutrifight

High Relative Humidity

High Disease Pressure like Downy Mildew, Anthracnose

Excess N & Deficiency of K

Nutrifight Role in Disease Condition Defense capacity is subject NUTRIFIGHT inducing Treatment Spray 2 gm/lit of water

Soil Application



4 gm/Lit of Water for Soil Application

Plant with Normal Defense Capacity

How Nutrifight Works • Nutrifight is very plant active. Nutrifight is water soluble, it is easily absorbed by the plant both through the roots and the LEAVES. • Nutrifight is directly fungistatic i.e.: it slows the growth of the disease pathogen and inhibits the formation of spores. This causes the release of stress metabolites (chemicals) by the disease which are recognized by the plant as signals, or as elicitors, causing the plant to enhance its defence response.

How Nutrifight Works • One of the results of the defence response by the plant is the accumulation of phytoalexins (immune bodies); these cause an immune response similar to that in humans. In addition hypersensitive cell death occurs (death of disease infected cells) as well as cell walls are thickened.

• Lytic enzymes (which dissolve the disease cell walls) are also produced by the plant which in combination with the rest of the hyper-resistant (plants defence) response, can cause death of the disease.

Privi Nutrifight • NUTRIFIGHT plays a important role in plant health as the stimulation of key metabolic pathways that are involved with growth, development and the production of phytoalexins. • NUTRIFIGHT has two important roles in plant vigor and health. • Polyphosphite is a significant source of Phosphorus - a key plant nutrient. • NUTRIFIGHT is especially useful in meeting the phosphorus needs of the plant during critical times of crop development when conventional soil applied phosphate fertilizer fails to meet the nutrient demand of the crop.

Uniqueness of Privi Nutrifight  PRIVI NUTRIFIGHT builds dynamic defense system of the plant to fight fungal attack.  PRIVI NUTRIFIGHT does not allow resistance to build in the fungus

hence remain effective ever after continuous usage.  It shows effective results in 24 hours of spray.

Where Privi Nutrifight should be used  Fruits & Vegetables

 Cereals & Pulses

 Plantation crops

 Oilseeds

Dosage  2 gm/ lit of water for foliar spray  4 gm/ per lit of water for soil drenching

 PRIVI NUTRIFIGHT gives best results when used in combination with any contact fungicide like Mencozeb, Propineb, Metiram, Polyram etc.  Caution- Do not use with any copper based fungicide.

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