(TVA) Tennessee Valley Authority

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(TVA) Tennessee Valley Authority

When and Why? • Created on May 18, 1933. • The TVA was created to solve the problems of the people during the depression. Such as the unemployment and the condition of the farmland and wildlife.

Who? • President Franklin D Roosevelt and congress passed and signed the TVA Act.

President Franklin D Roosevelt signs the TVA Act.

What did the TVA do? • The TVA created various plants to supply energy. The TVA produced electricity and sold it to people for a low price during the depression. This modernized some towns and boosted the economy. • During the 30’s the TVA helped teach farmers about improving crops and developing fertilizers. The TVA also helped out in improving the wildlife. In the 40’s the TVA started one of the largest hydropower projects in American history to provide power for the production of war products. This employed about 28,000 people.

Was the TVA effective? • The TVA was effective during the depression because it created jobs for the people during the depression. • The unemployment situation during the depression was one of the largest problems.

TVA workers

The TVA today • The TVA is still in use today. The TVA still builds power plants of all sorts to produce and sell electricity. • When the TVA was first made it was a government program, but today it is its own company.

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