Typography Books, 9/9/2014

January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: History, European History, Renaissance (1330-1550)
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Typography Books, 9/9/2014 Item NumberAuthor Title Retail Offer CH814-109 Appleton The Writings of Stanley Morison 35.00 CH814-039 Armstrong robert estienne royal printer 45.00 CH814-108 Armstrong Before Copyright 50.00 CH814-125 Atkins Masters of the Italic Letter 35.00 CH814-138 audin les livrets typographiques des fonderies francaises 125.00 CH814-183 Axel-Nilsson Type Studies the Norstedt Collection 100.00 CH814-219 Balsamo Bibliography 15.00 CH814-030 Balsamo e Tinto Origini del corsivo nella tipografia italiana del cinquecento150.00 CH814-028 barberi il frontespizio nel libro italiano 200.00 CH814-126 Barker Treasures of the British Library 35.00 CH814-186 Barker Stanley Morison 15.00 CH814-203 Barker The Oxford University Press and the spread of learning 15.00 CH814-094 Bartram five hundred years of book design 20.00 CH814-032 basanoff itinerario della carta dall'oriente 150.00 CH814-016 beccadelli De Dictis et Factis Alphonsi Regis Aragonum libri quatuor 600.00 CH814-209 Beitenholz Contemporaries of Erasmus 125.00 CH814-146 Bennett English Books & Readers 50.00 CH814-061 Berry the encyclopaedia of type faces 15.00 CH814-139 Berry Catalogue of specimens of printing types 250.00 CH814-130 Berthold Berthold Types 85.00 CH814-004 Bertieri L'Arte di Giambattista Bodoni 200.00 CH814-008 Beyer Rudolph Koch 45.00 CH814-218 Bietenholz historia and fabula 125.00 CH814-221 Bietenholz Basle and France in the Sixteenth Century 30.00 CH814-202 Bigelow Fine print on type 12.00 CH814-151 Bischoff Latin Palaeography 25.00 CH814-223 blackwell 20th century type 12.00 CH814-222 Blades The Pentateuch of Printing with a chapter on judges 40.00 CH814-150 Bliss A Pair on Printing 40.00 CH814-117 Bodoni G. B. Bodoni's Preface to the Manual Tipografico 150.00 CH814-147 Bowers Principles of bibliographical description 35.00 CH814-127 Brashear Star Struck 20.00 CH814-149 Bringhurst Carving the elements 25.00 CH814-148 brion durer his life and work 15.00 CH814-220 Broecke ortelius atlas maps 75.00 CH814-153 Brown understanding illuminated manuscripts 15.00 CH814-024 Bussi Prefazioni 100.00 CH814-211 Caflisch schriftanalysen 200.00 CH814-059 Calzolari printing a book at verona in 1622 75.00 CH814-010 Carter A Printer's Dozen 250.00 CH814-060 Carter Catalogue of the Edward Clark Library 35.00 CH814-140 Carter A History of the Oxford University Press 50.00 CH814-154 carter orlando jewitt 20.00 CH814-155 Carter An Enquiry (A Sequel) 75.00 CH814-157 Carter A View of early typography 50.00 CH814-160 Carter Wolvercote Mill 25.00 CH814-161 Carter A View of Early Typography 45.00 CH814-201 Carter Twentieth century type designers 15.00

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Typography Books, 9/9/2014 Item NumberAuthor CH814-214 carter CH814-227 Carter CH814-026 Casamassima CH814-029 Casamassima CH814-179 Catich CH814-075 Caxton Club CH814-001 Chambers CH814-164 Chapman CH814-162 Chappell CH814-158 Chartier CH814-166 Cheng CH814-178 Christian CH814-052 cinamon CH814-180 Clair CH814-101 Cowell CH814-111 Cronenwett CH814-144 Cronenwett CH814-145 Cronenwett CH814-225 Crump CH814-047 Davidson CH814-228 Davies CH814-216 Day CH814-058 de Hamel CH814-185 Dell-Instituto CH814-021 Dionisotti CH814-022 Dionisotti CH814-156 Dowding CH814-176 dowding CH814-159 Dreyfus CH814-031 Dudin CH814-163 Duff CH814-169 Earnest CH814-215 eisenstein CH814-217 Eisenstein CH814-226 Elfick CH814-128 Encyclopaedia CH814-062 Enschede CH814-224 Enschede CH814-168 Fairbak CH814-084 Febvre CH814-090 Felton CH814-206 Ferguson CH814-034 Filippo CH814-066 Fletcher CH814-025 Fonzio CH814-054 fournier CH814-212 friedl CH814-069 Fry

Title civilite types The type specimen of delacolonge la prima edizione della divina commedia trattati di scrittura del cinquecento Origin of the Serif RHM Robert Hunter Middleton The Daniel Press in Frome cancels A Short history of the printed word the culture of print Designing type Debuts de l'imprimerie en france rudolf koch letterer type designer teacher A Typographic Workbook A Handbook of Printing Types with notes The spiral press The spiral press The spiral press The Legacy of the Middle Ages Treasures of the New York Public Library The world of the elseviers book typography 1815-1965 Disbound and Dispersed Libri Tipografi Biblioteche aldo manuzio umanista e editore aldo manuzio editore dediche Finer Points an introduction to the history of printing types Into Print Arte del Legatore e Doratore di Libri Early Printed Books Flying Leaves and One-Sheets grub street abroad The Printing Press as an agent of change TN Foulis Britannica Graphic Arts letterproef van de drukkerij the Enschede type specimens of 1768 Renaissance Handwriting the Coming of the Book The Ten Commandments of typgraphy Pica Roman Type in Elizabethan England osservazioni intorno all'arte di fabbricare la carta new aldine studies lo scrittoio di bartolomeo fonzio modeles des caracteres de l'imprimerie typography Specimen of modern printing types

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Retail Offer 40.00 75.00 100.00 150.00 150.00 35.00 250.00 35.00 20.00 35.00 25.00 35.00 75.00 15.00 15.00 25.00 25.00 25.00 20.00 25.00 30.00 20.00 45.00 150.00 150.00 300.00 50.00 75.00 50.00 100.00 20.00 50.00 100.00 35.00 20.00 15.00 125.00 100.00 40.00 15.00 15.00 40.00 100.00 125.00 100.00 300.00 75.00 35.00

Typography Books, 9/9/2014 Item NumberAuthor Title Retail Offer CH814-002 Fugger Handwriting Manual 50.00 CH814-009 Gaskell a bibliography of the foulis press 35.00 CH814-057 Gaskell John Baskerville a bibliography 65.00 CH814-071 Gaskell John Baskerville a bibliography 50.00 CH814-092 Gaskell A New Introduction to Bibliography 40.00 CH814-081 Goudy Goudy's Type Designs 15.00 CH814-208 Grendler The Roman Inquisition and the Venetian Press 50.00 CH814-013 Haas Bruce Rogers: A Bibliography 30.00 CH814-093 Haebler the study of incunabula 50.00 CH814-070 Haiman Nicholas Kis 150.00 CH814-018 Harry Graham The Carter, Manuel transTypographique of Pierre-Simon Fournier le jeune 150.00 CH814-017 Hart Bibliotheca Typographica 50.00 CH814-056 Hart Notes on a century of typography at the university press oxford 75.00 CH814-192 Hart My First Publication 50.00 CH814-068 Hartz The Elseviers and their contemporaries 45.00 CH814-050 Hellinga copy and print in the netherlands an atlas 125.00 CH814-063 hellinga the bookshop of the world 100.00 CH814-152 Hellinga Bibliography and study of 15th-century civilisation 75.00 CH814-003 Herodotus Histories Heritage Press 125.00 CH814-072 Hirsch Printing, Selling and Reading 1450-1550 85.00 CH814-194 Hochuli Designing books 100.00 CH814-196 Hutt Fournier 25.00 CH814-082 Ing Johann Gutenberg and His Bible 35.00 CH814-055 Isaac English and Scottish Printing Types 100.00 CH814-229 Joh. Enschede The en Zonen house of Enschede 1703-1953 85.00 CH814-087 Johnson Type Designs their history and development 45.00 CH814-089 Johnson Type Designs their history and development 40.00 CH814-134 Johnson selected essays on books and printing 85.00 CH814-188 Johnson Fruhe Basler buchdruckerkunst 35.00 CH814-189 Johnson The First century of Printing at Basle 35.00 CH814-190 Johnson French Sixteenth Century Printing 35.00 CH814-191 Johnson The Italian Sixteenth Century 35.00 CH814-197 Johnson Print and Privilege at Oxford to the Year 1700 25.00 CH814-012 Johnson, intro The Type-Specimens of Claude Lamesle 85.00 CH814-079 Johnston writing & Illuminating, & Lettering 20.00 CH814-199 Jones Stanley Morison Displayed 25.00 CH814-077 Kapr Fractur form und geschichte 40.00 CH814-086 Kinross Modern Typography 20.00 CH814-195 Klingspor Uber Schonheit von Schrift und Druck 50.00 CH814-083 La Lande The Art of Making Paper 75.00 CH814-073 Lactantius The Phoenix 150.00 CH814-193 Lane Dutch Typefounders' Specimens 75.00 CH814-123 Lawson Anatomy of a typeface 25.00 CH814-076 Lehmann-Haupt Peter Schoeffer 15.00 CH814-065 Lowry The World of aldus Manutius 100.00 CH814-172 Lowry Nicholas Jenson 125.00 CH814-078 MacCulloch The Reformation a History 10.00 CH814-035 Madan A Chart of Oxford Printing 40.00

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Typography Books, 9/9/2014

Item NumberAuthor Title Retail Offer CH814-184 Madan Oxford Books 3 volumes 300.00 CH814-020 Mardersteig scritti di giovanni mardersteig 200.00 CH814-048 Mcgrew american metal typefaces of the twentieth century 50.00 CH814-088 McKerrow ronald brunless mckerrow a selection of his essays 15.00 CH814-120 McKerrow An Introduction to Bibliography 15.00 CH814-142 McKitterick Cambridge University Library A History 50.00 CH814-115 McLean The Thames and Hudson Manual of Typography 15.00 CH814-204 McLean Jan Tschichold typographer 15.00 CH814-171 Mead Incunabula in the Huntington Library 40.00 CH814-005 Meynell Pages from Books 100.00 CH814-167 Meynell Fleuron Anthology 25.00 CH814-174 Mores A Dissertation Upon English Typographical Founders and Founderies 45.00 CH814-014 Morison Type Designs of the Past and Present 25.00 CH814-095 Morison Selected essays on the history of letter-forms 300.00 CH814-100 Morison The typographic arts two lectures 20.00 CH814-105 Morison Letter Forms typographic and scriptorial 25.00 CH814-106 Morison Early Italian Writing-Books 25.00 CH814-136 Morison John Fell The University Press and the "fell" Types 200.00 CH814-175 morison john Bell, 1745-1831 50.00 CH814-205 Morison Handbuch der druckerkunst 40.00 CH814-104 Morison UpdikeSelected Correspondence 18.00 CH814-045 Moxon Mechanick exercises on the whole art of printing 150.00 CH814-122 Netz The archimedes Codx 25.00 CH814-011 Netz et al the Archimedes palimpsest 250.00 CH814-046 Nordlunde bogskrifter og bogtrykkere 35.00 CH814-043 Norton Italian Printers 1501-1520 35.00 CH814-044 Norton Printing in Spain 1501-1520 35.00 CH814-210 Norton A Descriptive catalogue of printing in spain and portugal 85.00 CH814-141 Oates Cambridge University Library A History 50.00 CH814-023 Orfei alfabeto delle maiuscole antiche Romane 150.00 CH814-170 Osley Calligraphy and Palaeography 20.00 CH814-181 Ould Printing at the Daniel Press 180.00 CH814-182 Ould Printing at the Daniel Press 180.00 CH814-110 Pankow American Proprietary Typefaces 50.00 CH814-121 Parkes Scribes Scripts and readers 150.00 CH814-096 peter Riedel Stanley Morison His Works and Derivitives 85.00 CH814-040 Pierpont Morgan In Library August Company the collections 25.00 CH814-085 Plantin Calligraphy & Printing in the Sixteenth Century 50.00 CH814-177 Pottinger the french book trade in the ancien regime 35.00 CH814-200 Redgrave Erhard Ratdolt 100.00 CH814-198 Reidel, editor The Art of Printing and Books: Basel, France, Italy, Spain in20.00 the Sixteenth Centu CH814-173 Reiner Modern and Historical typography 45.00 CH814-112 Richardson Print culture in Renaissance Italy 45.00 CH814-114 Robinson Of the Making of Books: Medieval Manuscripts 200.00 CH814-116 Roper Alfred William Pollard a selection of his essays 15.00 CH814-099 Rosart The Type Specimen of Jacques-Francois Rosart 85.00 CH814-019 Scaligeri Opuscula Varia Antehac non edita 900.00 CH814-135 Schedel chronicle of the world 250.00

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Typography Books, 9/9/2014 Item NumberAuthor Title Retail Offer CH814-098 Smeijers Counterpunch 40.00 CH814-213 Southward Modern Printing (2 Vols) 45.00 CH814-102 stephenson A Specimen of printing types & various ornaments 20.00 CH814-103 The Anderson Galleries The library of the late theodore low de vinne 25.00 CH814-131 The art of the printed book 1455-1955 20.00 CH814-187 Thomas buchdruckerkunst spaniens 35.00 CH814-027 tinto il corsivo nella tipografia del cinquecento 100.00 CH814-119 Tschichold The form of the book 85.00 CH814-037 type & Typography highlights 65.00 CH814-080 Ullman ancient writing and its influence 15.00 CH814-097 Ullman ancient writing and its influence 15.00 CH814-107 Updike The Well-Made Book 20.00 CH814-113 Updike Updike: American Printer and his Merrymount Press 20.00 CH814-036 Vervliet Sixteenth-century printing types of the low countries 175.00 CH814-042 vervliet post-incunabula and their publishers in the low countries 35.00 CH814-132 Vervliet the book through 5000 years 85.00 CH814-165 Vervliet The Type Specimen of the Vatican Press 1628 100.00 CH814-033 veyrin-forrer campionari di caratteri nella tipografia del settecento 75.00 CH814-133 Voet Antwerp the golden age 75.00 CH814-015 Vossius De Veterum Poetarum 400.00 CH814-129 Waterfield The Greek Myths 25.00 CH814-006 Winship The Merrymount Press of Boston 100.00 CH814-118 wise Centenary studies 15.00 CH814-207 Wolpe Vincent Figgins type specimens 50.00 CH814-053 wroth A History of the Printed Book 45.00 CH814-038 Zapf hermann zapf & his design philosophy 75.00 CH814-041 2000 years of calligraphy 25.00 CH814-049 bibliotheca docet festgabe 45.00 CH814-051 schweizer stempelschneider und schriftgiesser 50.00 CH814-064 hellinga festschrift 65.00 CH814-067 Henry Bradshaw's correspondence on incunabula 65.00 CH814-074 The Archimedes Palimpsest 35.00 CH814-091 la science pratique de l'imprimerie 50.00 CH814-124 Studies in the Book trade in honour of graham pollard 45.00 CH814-137 Palladio's Homes 450.00

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