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Some Recent Publications compiled by Deborah L. Miller with most Norwegian listings by Helene Fran Grimsvang and Caroline S. Haslund




Allen, E . John B. From Skisport to Skiing. One Hundred Years Sport, 1840-1940. Amherst, Mass., 1993. 229 pp.

of an


Anderson, George W, Jr., transcriber, translator, and indexer. Early Records of the LeSueur River Church of Waseca and Steele Counties, Minnesota. Brooklyn Park, Minn., 1993. 48 pp. Barton, H. Arnold. Folk Divided: Homeland Swedes and Swedish Americans, 1840-1940. Carbondale, Ill., 1994. xv, 403 pp. Beijbom, Ulf, ed. Swedes in America: Intercultural and Interethnic Perspectives on Contemporary Research. Vaxji::i, Sweden, 1993. 224 pp. A report of the symposium "Swedes in America: New Perspectives," held in Vaxjo May 31-June 3, 1991.

Bj0rlo, Egil-Henrik, ed. Vestover! Glettfra utvandringafra Tysvcer ti/ Amerika. Tysv.er, Norway, 1993. 128 pp. Westward! Glimpses from the emigration from Tysv;:er to America.

Bodnar, John. Collective Memory and Ethnic Groups: The Case of Swedes, Mennonites, and Norwegians. Rock Island, Ill., 1991. 39 pp. Bryn, Steinar. Norske Amerika-bilete. Om amerikanisering av norsk kultur. Olso, 1992. 128 pp. The Americanization of Norwegian culture.

Buenker,John D. and Lorman A. Ratner. Multiculturalism in the United States. New York, 1992. Case, Lois]. Relatively Speaking. Forman, N.D., 1992 or 1993. vii, 88 pp. Norwegian-Amer ican genealogy in North Dakota.

Norwegian-American Studies, Vol. 34 (1995)



Deborah L. Miller, Helene Grimsvang, and Caroline S. Haslund

Djupedal, Knut, et al., eds. Nonvegian-American Essays. Oslo, 1993. 142 pp. Essays from the fourth Norwegian-American Studies Seminar of the Norwegian-American Historical Association chapter in Norway, Voss, August 12-15, 1992. Dedicated to Lloyd Hustvedt.

Ekstrand, Florence. The Best of the Old Church Cookbooks. Seattle, 1988. 175 pp. Informative and delicious assortment of recipes from pre-1970s church cookbooks, many if not most of Scandinavian origin.

Ellingsgard, Nils. Nonvegian Rose Painting in America: What the Immigrants Brought. Translated by James Skurdal. Decorah, la., 1993. 96 pp. Erlien, Ellef C. History pp.

ef the Hade land Lag in America. Fargo, N.D., 1989. 261

Fiske, Arland 0. The Scandinavian Adventure. Minot, N.D., 1990. xii, 232 pp. Flemming Larsen, Birgit, Henning Bender, and Karen Veien, eds. On Distant Shores: Proceedings of the Marcus Lee Hansen Immigration Conference, Aalborg, Denmark,]une 29-]uly 1, 1992. Aalborg, 1993. 372 pp. Greene, Victor. A Passion for Polka: Old-Time Ethnic Music in America. Berkeley, California, 1992. 355 pp. Includes discussion of Scandinavian-American polka bands.

Gulliksen, 0yvind T., Ingeborg R. Kongslien, and Dina Tolfsby, eds. Essays on Norwegian-American Literature and History. Oslo, 1990. 216 pp. Essays from the third Norwegian-American Studies Seminar of the Norwegian-American Historical Association chapter in Norway, Hamar, 1989.

Harstad, Peter T. and Bonnie Lindemann. Gilbert N. Haugen: NorwegianAmerican Farm Politician. Iowa City, la., 1992. xi, 217 pp. Hokkanen, Lawrence and Sylvia, with Anita Middleton. Karelia: A FinnishAmerican Couple in Stalin's Russia, 1934--1941. St. Cloud, Minn., 1991. xix, 139 pp. Houe, Poul, ed. Out of Scandinavia: Essays on Transatlantic Crossings of Cultural Boundaries. Minneapolis, 1993. 116 pp. Ingwersen, Faith, and Mary Kay Norseng, eds. Fin(s) de Siecle in Scandinavian Perspective: Studies in Honor of Harald S. Naess. Columbia, S.C., 1993. 245 pp. Johnson, John W john 0. Johnson, A Pioneer Aviator in Minnesota. White Bear Lake, Minnesota, 1994. 10 pp. Lee, Art. A Lutheran Scandinavian Academy. The Rise and Demise ef Scandinavia Academy and Central Wisconsin College, 18 93-193 2. Scandinavia, Wisconsin, 1992. 304 pp. Legwold, Gary. The Last Word on Lefse. Cambridge, Minn., 1992. 168 pp. "Heartwarming stories-and recipes too!"

Norwegian-American Studies, Vol. 34 (1995)

Some Recent Publications Lovoll, Odd S., ed. Nordics in America: The Future Minn., 1993. xii, 228 pp.

of Their


Past. Northfield ,

Proceedings of a symposium at St. Olaf College, November 6-7, 1992, inaugurating the King Olav V Chair in Scandinavia n-American Studies.

Lovoll, Odd S., ed. Nonvegian-American Studies, Vol. 31. Northfield , Minnesota, 1992. 370 pp. Published by the Norwegian- American Historical Association. The contents are listed individually by authors in the following section on articles. The volume contains ten artices and is dedicated to the memory of John R. Jenswold.

Lovoll, Odd S. Norwegians on the Land: Address for the Society for the Study of Local and Regional History. Marshall, Minn., 1992. 16 pp. Lundeberg, Knut 0. Glimt Jra mit /iv: en utvandrers minnebok, ed. by 0yvind Gulliksen. K viteseid, Norway, 1992. 107 pp. Glimpses from My Life: An Emigrant's Reminiscences, by the pastor who founded the Lutheran Brethren.

Marvick Family History, 1400s-199 3. Minneapolis, 1993. vi, 350 pp. McQuillan , Aidan. Prevailing Over Time: Ethnic Adjustment on the Kansas Prairies, 187 5- 1925. Lincoln, Nebraska, 1990. xix, 292 pp. This comparative study of rural immigrant groups in one region includes Swedes, Mennonites , and French Canadians.

Naeseth, Gerhard B. Nonvegian Immigrants to the United States: Biographical Directory, 1825-1850 . Madison, Wis., 1993. Vol.1, 390 pp. Volume 1 covers the years 1825-1843.

Nelson, Marion John, ed. Material Culture and People's Art among the Nonvegians in America. Northfield , Minn., 1994. ix, 228 pp. Ohnstad, Asmund, ed. Among the Fjords and the Mountains: Summary of Aurland's History. Aurland, Norway, 1994. 121 pp. Omodt, Don, rev. Torske Klubben History, 1933-1993 . Minneapolis (1993]. 156 pp. 0verland, Orm, and Steinar Kj~rheim, eds. Fra Amerika ti/ Norge: i norske utvandrerbrev, 1838-1857 . Oslo, 1992. Vol. 1, 496 pp. From America to Norway: in Norwegian Emigrant Letters, 1838-1857.

Paulsen, Gary. The Winter Room. New York, 1989. 103 pp. Fictional story of a young boy on a northern Minnesota farm recounting his old Norwegian uncle's tales of an almost mythologica l logging past.

Pederson, Jane Marie. Between Memory and Reality: Family and Community in Rural Wisconsin, 1870-1970 . Madison, Wis., 1992. 314 pp. Scholarly study of Norwegian- American life in Trempealea u county.

Preus, Herman Amberg. Vivacious Daughter: Seven Lectures on the Religious Situation among Nonvegians in America. Edited and translated by Todd W Nichol. Northfield , Minn., 1990. xiv, 232 pp.

Norwegian-American Studies, Vol. 34 (1995)


Deborah L. Miller, Helene Grimsvang, and Caroline S. Haslund

Raaen, Aagot. Grass ef the Earth: The Story Dakota. St. Paul, 1994. xxv, 238 pp.

ef a Norwegian Immigrant Family in

Reprint of the 1950 Norwegian-American Historical Association book, with a new introduction by Barbara Handy-Marchello.

Rasmussen, Janet E. New Land, New Lives: Scandinavian Immigrants to the Pacific Northwest. Northfield, Minn., and Seattle, 1993. xiii, 320 pp. Rudjord, Kare. Amerikabrev. The Mebergs. Farsund, Norway, 1989. 295 pp. America Letters: The Mebergs.

Scandinavia Overseas: Patterns ef Cultural Traniformation in North America and Australia. Uppsala, Sweden, 1990. 119 pp. Schultz, April R. Ethnicity on Parade: Inventing the Norwegian-American through Celebration. Amherst, Mass., 1995. xiii, 150 pp. Setterdahl, Lilly. A Century of Song: American Union of Swedish Singers, 1892-1992. Chicago, 1992.xvii,318 pp. Simonsen, Henrik B. Kampen om danskheden . Tro og nationalitet i de danske kirkesamfund i Amerika. Aarhus, 1990. 256 pp. The Struggle over Danishness: Belief and Nationality in the Danish Church Community in America.

Slind, Marvin G. Norse to the Palouse: Sagas Wash., 1990. xi, 155 pp.

ef the Selbu

Norwegians. Pullman,

Stilling, Niels Peter. A New Life: Danish Emigration to North America as Described by the Emigrants Themselves in Letters, 18 42-1946. Aalborg, 1994. 215 pp. Sunde, Rasmus. Long Prairie. Ei sognebygd i Amerika. Vik i Sogn, Norway, 1994. 102 pp. Long Prairie: A Sogning Parish in America.

En Synodeprest blir teksthistorie: Seren S. Urberg i Wisconsin, 1893-1930. Telemark College series 136, B0 i Telemark, Norway, 1991. 75 pp. A Synod priest through his writings.

Thompson, Harry F. Guide to Collections Relating to South Dakota NorwegianAmericans. Sioux Falls, S.D., 1991. 65 pp. Utvandringa ti! Amerika. Gamalt fra Kviteseid, no. 8. 0yvind T. Gulliksen, ed., Kviteseid, Norway, 1993. 64 pp. Immigration to America from Kviteseid. Includes essays by Tor 0. Sanden, James A. Skree, Harry T. Cleven, Steinar Berge, Torjus Fjagesund, Carl H. Chrislock, and 0yvind T. Gulliksen.

Webster, Beverly. Aase'.s Family: Ancestors and Descendants ef Families ef Stevens/Stephens, Tollefson, Thompson, Ellefson & Related Families. Willmar, Minn., 1993. lx, 386 pp. Norwegian-American genealogy in Minnesota.

Norwegian-American Studies, Vol. 34 (1995)

Some Recent Publications


Wendelius, Lars. Kulturliv i ett svenskamerikansk lokalsamhalle: Rockford, Illinois. Uppsala, Sweden, 1990. 177 pp. Cultural Life in a Swedish-A merican Communi ty: Rockford, Illinois.

Williams, Anna. Skribent i Svensk-Amerika:]akob Bonggren,journalist och poet. Uppsala, Sweden, 1991. 253 pp. Author in Swedish America: Jakob Bonggren ,Journalis t and Poet.

Wollstein, Hans]. Strangers in Hollywood: The History of Scandinavian Actors in American Films from 1910 to World War II. Metuche n, NJ., 1994. xiv, 367 pp. Young, Carrie. Prairie Cooks: Glorified Rice, Three-Day Buns, and Other Reminiscences. Iowa City, Ia., 1993. 134 pp. Young, Carrie. The Wedding Dress: Stories from the Dakota Plains. Iowa City, Ia., 1992. 126 pp. Historical fiction about North Dakota Norwegia ns. ARTIC LES

A.R., "Hedema rkinger pa Kanadas pr~rie." Arbok!Ringsaker. Veldre og Brottum historielag, 1991, I: 42-44. An account of the Olstad brothers from Veldre, Hedmark, reprinted from Hamar Stiftstidende, 1934.

Aamodt, Erik. "Utvandr ingen fra Horg." Gauldalsminne, 1992, I:35-40. Emigratio n from Horg, S0r- Trnndelag.

Aasum, Bjarne. "Amerikabrev. Glimt fra namdalsk utvandring." Arbok / Namdalen. Namdal historielag, 1991, I: 31-36. Letters from Julie Estensdatter Skei, who emigrated from Overhalla, Trnndelag, to America in 1888.

Aasum, Bjarne. "Utvandr ingen fra Skei, 1888-190 4. Skeislekten i USA." Arbok / Namdalen. Namdal historielag, 1992, I: 123-147. The Skei family from Overhalla, Nord-Trnn delag, in the United States.

Aasvik, Olav. "Amerikareise i 1914." Lurnyboka, 1987, I: 69-71. Aaskvik tells of his journey and first year in America.

Abrahamson, Laura Aleta Iversen, intro. by Philip L. Gerber. "Herding Cows and Waiting Tables: The Diary of Laura Aleta Iversen Abrahamson." South Dakota History, 20, 1(1990), 17-50 . Allen, E. John B. '"Skeeing ' in Maine: The Early Years, 1870s to 1920s." · Maine Historical Society Quarterly, 30, 3-4 (1991), 146-165. Andersen, Arlow W "Land, Sea, and Ice: Explorers and Discoverers in the Norwegi an-Amer ican Press." Norwegian-American Studies, 33 (1992), 243-266.

Norwegian-American Studies, Vol. 34 (1995)


Deborah L. Miller, Helene Grimsvang, and Caroline S. Haslund

Aspas, Berta. "Ei utvandringskvinne fra Osmarka." Gjemnes-minne, 1992, I: 38-44. The story of Nikoline Heggem Bloom (1866-1966), who emigrated from Osmarka, Nordm0re.

Bakken, Arnold. "Den eldste tannlegen i verda er soknedaling." Gauldalsminne, 1992, I: 108-113. About Harry I. Egdahl, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, "the oldest dentist in the world."

Bakken, Arnold. "Litt om utvandringa fra Soknedal til Amerika." Gauldalsminne, 1992, I: 19-34. Emigration from Soknedal, S0r-Twndelag.

Baklien, Botolv. "Fyrste Amerika-brevet i 1845 fra Al sine pioner-emigrantar." Delaminne: Arbokfor Hallingdal, 1991, I: 45-49. The first letter home from emigrants from

Al, Buskerud.

Berg, Gunnar. "Utvandringen til Amerika." Fauskeboka, 1990-91, I: 106-116. Emigration from Fauske, Nordland.

Berg, Ruth H. "Garnle Amerika-brev forteller historie: fra et haugianerhjem pa Gressvik." Varden . Artidsskrift for Onsey historielag, 1990, I: 17-22. Letters from Nicoline Larsen to relatives in America.

Bergebakken, Per Arnfinn. "Alvdals-amerik aneren Iver Olson." Gammelt fra Alvdal og Folldal. Historielaget Frederiks Gave, 1991, I: 48-51. About Iver Olson from Alvdal and his will.

Bjorgum, Jorunn. "Dreams of the Old Country: A Room of One's Own. The Norwegian Nationality Reading Room in the University of Pittsburgh." Scandinavian Journal of History (Sweden], 17, 1 (1992) 45-64. Bliss, John C. "Evidence of Ethnicity: Management Styles of Forest Owners in Wisconsin." Forest and Conservation History, 36, 2 (1992) 63-72. Brokerud, Martin. "Den siste store utvandringen fra Hadelands-bygd ene 1905-1916." Arbokfor Hade/and, 1992, I: 110-125. Migration from Hadeland, 1905-1916.

Brun, Hakon. "Fra Kabelvag til Amerika." Arbokfor Vagan, 1992, I: 58-60. Marius Johnsen tells of his journey to America in a 1903 letter.

Bryge, Olav. "Soga om Sigmund og Lars Skeie/The Simon and Lars Scheie families' centennial: 100 years in Lyon County, Iowa, 1870-1970." Eikjen. Arsskrift for Eiken sogelag, 1990, I: 40-44. Brnste, Ole K. "Amerikareise og nybyggerliv fra 1868." Gamaltfra Lesja og Lesjaskog, 1993, I: 18-22. Emigration from Lesja, Oppland.

Norwegian-American Studies, Vol. 34 (1995)

Some Recent Publications


Byre, Conrad. "Gudbr and Byre. Lomvxr i Amerika." Heim og bygd. Lite gamalt fra Lorn, 1990, I: 26-31. The America n experien ce of Gudbran d Byre from Lorn, Oppland .

B0e, Sigmund. "Emigrasjon til USA omkring hundrearsskiftet." Segn og sage. Tidsskriftfor Sande sogelag, 1992, I: 21-28. Voyages to the United States about 1900.

B0vre, Michael J. "Fra Ringsaker i Norge til Koshko nong Prairie i Wiscon sin." Arbok. Ringsaker, Veldre og Bmttum historielag, 1992, I: 95-103. History of the B0vre family from Ringsaker, Hedmark .

Christianson, J.R. "Scandinavian-Americans." Multiculturalism in the United States, John D. Buenkn er and Lorman A. Ratner, eds., New York, 1992, 103-129 . Dahle, Gudrun . "Litt om utvandr ingi fra 0lve til Amerika." Kvinnhersminne. Arbok for Kvinnherad, 1992, I: 61-68. Emigrati on from 0 lve, Hordaland.

Dyste, A. Gerald. "The Twin Churche s of Christiania, Minnesota, from 1854 to 1864. A Study of the Causes of Immigra nt Church Conflicts." Norwegian-American Studies, 33 (1992), 73-98. Egstad,Ludvig. "Min reise til Amerika." Arbokfor [email protected], 1990, I: 78-80. Ludvig Egstad's journey to America in 1912.

Einbu, Johanne s P. "Om utvandringa til Amerika." Gamalt fra Lesja og Lesjaskog, 1993, I: 14-17. Emigrati on from north Gudbran dsdalen.

Ekroll, 0ystein . "Til Dakota i 1880-90 -ara." Segn or Sage. Tidsskriftfor Sande sogelag, 1991, I: 10-28. Emigrati on from Sunnm0r e.

Ellis, Reuben J. "The Culture of Displaced Geography: A Model for Western Regional Destabilization in Knut Hamsun's Fra Det Moderne Amerikas Aandsliv." North Dakota Quarterly, 59, 3 (1991) 174-181 . Engan, Rolf. "Fra Raen til Amerika. Et amerikabrev fra 0vre Alen." Gau-

dalsminne, 1992, I: 80-84. Letters from Iver Olsen, Chicago, to his family in Alen, S0r-Tf0ndelag.

Enge, Kare. "Amerikabrevet." Fauskeboka, 1990-91 , I: 65-67. A letter from Joh. J0rgense n, Fauske, to a friend in America.

Espehou g, Johanne s P. "Eders Moder var det nyttigste menneske." Jul i Sunnjjord, 1991, I: 27-29. A letter to Espehoug's two daughters in Norway.

Fairweather, Floyd. "Fredrik Nilsson Vestre. Ein amerikansk p10ner." Arsskrift. Vatnesogelag, 1990, I: 4-12.

Norwegian-American Studies, Vol. 34 (1995)


Deborah L. Miller, Helene Grimsvang, and Caroline S. Haslund F.N. Vestre emigrated to America from Vestrefjord, M0re og Romsdal, in 1888.

Fidje, Ranveig. "Utvandringen til Amerika." Arsskrift. Flekkerey historielag, 1990, I: 43-55. Emigration from Flekkerny, Vest-Agder.

"Den F0rste utvandreren. En uheldig gullgraver fra Oppdal." Begda var. Oppdal historielag, 1991, I: 42. The first emigrant: an unlucky golddigger from Oppdal.

Gauldalsminne. Arbok for Gauldal historielag, 1992. The entire volume deals with emigration and emigrants from Gauldalen, S0rTrnndelag.

Gj;ere, Tore P. "Family of Kristen Vestre." Arsskrift. 0rskog historielag, 1990, I: 3, 23-27. The family emigrated to the United States from 0rskog, M0re og Romsdal.

Granhaug, Peder. "Dagbok fra en utvandrer for 60 ar siden." !.Autin . lokalhistorisk arbokfor Leten, 1991, I: 17, 101-104. The diary of an emigrant from 1927.

Granhus, Odd-Stein. "Socialist Dissent among Norwegian Americans: Emil Lauritz Mengshoel, Newspaper Publisher and Author." Norwegian-American Studies, 33 (1992), 27-72. Grindal, Gracia. "Dano-Norweg ian Hymnody in America." Lutheran Quarterly, 6, 3 (1992) 257-315 . Grnt, Gudbrand. "Eggen-slekta borte fra Haltdalen-vok ste seg stor i Amerika." Gauldalsminne, 1992, I: 62-68. The Eggen family emigrated from Haltdalen, S0r-Trnndelag.

Grnt, Gudbrand. "Haltdalen, Alen og Singsas bygdelag, sarnlingspunkt pa Dakota-pr;erien." Gauldalsminne, 1992, I: 58-61. A Norwegian bygdelag in North Dakota.

Gulliksen, 0yvind T. "Amerikabrev til K viteseid Fra brevsarnlinga etter Olaf S. Houkom. Del II." Gamalt fra Kviteseid, 9, Arsskrift 1994, Kviteseid, America letters from Kviteseid, from the collection of Olaf S. Houkom.

Gulliksen, 0yvind T. "En amerikansk roman skrevet pa norsk: Ole E. R01vaag, I de dage." Bokspor. Norske beker gjennom 350 ar, Oslo, 189-202. An American novel written in Norwegian.

Gulliksen, 0yvind T. "Har dere nylig havt brev fra brndrene i Amerika?: Fra Niels 0. Narnl0s' korrespondanse, 1897-1911." Holla-Minner, Holla Historielag, 1991, 92-114. "Have you heard from the brothers in America?"

Norwegian-American Studies, Vol. 34 (1995)

Some Recent Publications


Gulliksen, 0yvind T. "Peder Kristoffersen Waal: en utvandrer fra Notodden." Arsskrift. Notodden historielag, 1986, I, 4; 66-77. An emigrant from Notodden, Telemark.

Gulliksen, 0yvind T. "Travel Narratives, Popular Religious Literature, Autobiography: N.N. Rr
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