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Westward Expansion We will "know" the causes for Westward Expansion and "understand" the effects on Native American culture. We will"be able to" devise a map with illustrations and explanations of things that caused Westward Expansion while understanding the disintegration of the Native American culture.

Westward Expansion

How do you kill an Native American with a railroad?

Why do people move? (To a new home, city, state, country..etc)

American Progress - John Gast, 1872

What about when you moved? How was it, how were you treated in you new school or neighborhood? Were you worried about anything?

Why do people typically move to a new home, another city, state, or country?

American Progress - John Gast, 1872

What is happening to the natives & why?

American Progress - John Gast, 1872

Analyzing this painting from Gast’s perspective: Was the West truly the land of opportunity or oppression? Did various ethnic groups have similar experiences?

American Progress - John Gast, 1872

How did the transcontinental railroad influence different groups of people?

American Progress - John Gast, 1872

Do different ethic groups experience similar experiences in America today?

American Progress - John Gast, 1872

Westward Expansion People, events, and things that caused expansion to the Western part of the United States. The reason for migration was to try to create a better life for American Settlers.

More farmland to grow cash crops and to make profit. This resulted in the denial of land rights natives already had.

Manifest Destiny

The belief that the United States had the God given right to own all of the lands from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.

Transcontinental Railroad

Completed in 1869 Central Pacific and Union Pacific railroads were joined to create a single line from Omaha Nebraska to the Pacific Ocean.

Transcontinental Railroad

QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.

Trains led to growth and development of railway stations that led to towns, cities, and commercial industry. They not only transported people but manufactured goods and raw materials.

Klondike/Yukon Gold Rush

Drew people from all over the world to the Klondike region of northwestern Canada after gold was discovered there in 1896. The gold rush lasted only a few years.

California Gold Rush

Thousands migrated to California to seek their fortune in 1849. Miners came to seek their fortune in hopes to make it rich. This started the expansion of saloons, hotels, and cities, like San Francisco.

Settlement of the West was encouraged by lure of cheap land mineral discoveries, farming and ranching

Open range ranching and later farmers = plains area was expanded with the Transcontinental railroad, miners, ranchers, and later farmers. Mining towns developed, ranchers got lands who were interested in open range ranching, and farmers got land to farm so that they could feed the country. All of these actions began to break up reservations into individual pieces of land.

Why was it beneficial for the U.S to expand, why did we need to expand beyond the 13 colonies?

Westward Expansion: Impact on Native Americans

The Dawes Act (Also known as the Dawes General Allotment Act of 1887) Required that Indian lands be surveyed and that American Indian families receive an allotment of 160 acres of reservation land for farming. Any land that remained would be sold. This had a great impact on Navajo. They didn’t like farming and led to the decline of their people. This opened the Plains to white settlements.

The Homestead Act Permitted any citizen or intended citizen to select any surveyed land up to 160 acres and to gain title to it after 5 years residence if the person cultivated the land.

These sales resulted from lands that were confiscated from the Native Americans.

How did government actions encourage settlers to move westward? What other factors encouraged settlers to move westward?

Pull out your study guides. I have divided the class into groups to focus on factors that caused or stood in the way of the expansion of our nation.

We will also analyze how we dealt with these factors in order to expand.

Look at your table, these questions correlate with your study guide. You will split up the questions for your table and prepare a presentation. You can have one speaker or everyone can present the information to the rest of the class. You have ten minutes to work on the questions with your group using your book and study guide.

Group One-Under what President was the Louisiana purchase made, how many future states did we get from this purchase? page 77-What is nativism? page 82-How did the United States try to assimilate Native Americans? page 168169

Group Two-Describe the Texas Revolution. page 86-What is the Mexican Cession, what was gained? page 87

Group Three -What does BIA stand for, what do they do? page 162-How did the United States respond after the Battle of the Little Bighorn? page 165

-Which battle marked the end of wars between the government and the plains tribes? page 166-167Where were the Nez Percè forced to move? page 167

How did the U.S government handle non-citizen claims to land and what other foreign affairs issues were tackled in order to expand the country?

Group Four -What did the Missouri Compromise order? page 80How should popular sovereignty be used in addressing slavery according to senator’s suggestions in 1848? page 89What did the Great Compromise/Compromise of 1850 establish? page 89

How did the issue of slavery affect the addition of new territories as states?

Using different materials you will work by yourself or with a partner to complete a project of your choice. You will use your study guide to help you with each project. Flip the back of your table’s handout for instructions

Work with a partner to: Create a brochure for a settler guiding the settler on the governmental benefits available for moving westward. Also tell the settler what to expect as far as environmental conditions go in the Great Plains and provide settler with instructions on how to live and build settlements appropriately in the Great Plains.

Work with a partner to: create a job advertisement with labor union warnings for positions working on the Transcontinental Railroad or in the Klondike Gold mines. Students must provide a location of the job, description of the job, how the job can benefit the individual or society, and then detail the working conditions workers are expected to endure.

Create a two page magazine article with graphics on governmental actions with foreign nations and the native tribes in expanding the U.S. The title should be “-American Life- How the Government Expanded the Nation” The article should include at least two events that helped advance the U.S position in dealing with foreign countries and two events that advanced the U.S position in dealing with native Americans.

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