What violent events affected its relationship with

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The United States Overseas Chapter 17

Soma and Hawaii Samoa – Possession was negotiated through treaty – Competition w/European powers

Hawaii – Strategically important – American planters organized a coup – Queen Liliuokalani – Asked to be annexed – no – Republic of Hawaii – Should economic expansion lead to territorial expansion?

Spanish-American War Cubans struggled against Spanish rule American sense of outrage at another country’s imperialism US trade w/Cuba US identified w/Cuba’s struggle Spanish atrocities/guerrilla warfare Yellow Journalism Calls to protect Americans/American interests in Cuba

Spanish-American War - USS Maine arrives in Havana harbor Feb 15, 1898 Maine explodes – “Remember the Maine”

Spanish American War March 9 1898 – McKinley gets $50 million for defense April 10 – US should indicate nature and duration of armistice April 11- McKinley’s war message to Congress April 24 – Spain declares war April 25 – US declares war retroactive to April 21

Acquiring New Lands 1.

Puerto Rico Cuba

The China Philippines

Relationship to the United States

Very similar to a colony or Trading protectorate partner US involved in internal/external affairs Economic and political control

Acquiring New Lands 2. Why did the US try to control its affairs

Puerto Rico


The Philippines


Of strategic importance Panama Canal

Protect American Business interests

Provide US w/ raw materials and new markets Honor

To establish and protect new markets

Acquiring New Lands 3.

Puerto Rico


The Philippines


What laws and policies affected its relationship with the US?

Treaty of Platt Treaty of Open Paris Amendment Paris Door Foraker Act Treaty of Removal Policy Paris Policy

Imperialist Policies Stronger nations extended control over weaker nations – economic, political, military

Acquiring New Lands 4.

Puerto Rico


The Philippines

What violent events affected its relationship with the US

•Spanish-American-Cuban War -1989 Three uprising that led to US Occupation

Philippine -American War 1899-1902


Boxer Rebellion - 1899

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