Why Essential Oils?

January 21, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Science, Health Science, Immunology
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What Are Essential Oils? • Natural aromatic compounds found in various parts of plants • Provide plants with protection • Made up of volatile organic compounds • Very clean, almost crisp, to the touch and are immediately absorbed by the skin.

Why Essential Oils? • They are 50X-70X stronger than herbs. • They penetrate cell walls • unlike antibiotics can attack viruses • Because they are made up of carbons, like our bodies, they work synergistically with our own body chemistry • Anti-bacterial, Anti-viral. Some are anti-parasitic and anti-inflammatory

Why doTerra Essential Oils? Only the best!

Purity & Power •

Highest quality essential oils in the world

Each oil is sourced from the place in the world that it grows to its peak.

They are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade which assures that: – Each batch undergoes Gas Chromatograph and Mass Spectrometry tests to assure purity and strength.

How to use Essential Oils • Topical – When rubbed on the bottom of the feet, they enter our blood stream within 30 seconds.

• Aromatic – When diffused into the air molecules are released into the air and are inhaled

• Internal – Most oils are safe to be ingested

AromaTouch • For general relaxation – Apply to neck, shoulders

• To increase circulation and reduce varicosities. • To relieve after-birth pains • To avoid toxemia

Balance • To relieve nervousness and assist emotional release. – Apply to a newborn baby’s spine and the bottoms of feet to aid in the release of the trauma of birth.

• For diaper rash • For hemorrhoids.

Clary Sage • To help support the body into going into labor and after birth to help tone the uterus. – Apply to the abdomen, ankles, or bottoms of feet


Coriander • For gestational diabetes – Use internally

• To help sooth menstrual cramps – Apply to the abdomen

Deep Blue • For back labor – Apply on site

• For sore muscles – Apply on site

• To soothe after birth pains. – Apply on abdomen

DigestZen • Helps calm digestive track – – – –

Heartburn Morning sickness or Flu Food poisoning

• To aid in after birth constipation. – Internally or on abdomen

Elevation • For post partum depression. – Diffuse – Topically – In bath

• Add a few drops to bath water when in need of self love.

Frankincense • To aid in after birth swelling of baby – Apply on baby’s face.

• To aid in the healing of tears and inflammation after birth. – Add to frozen feminine pad before use

• To aid in baby’s transition to earth – Diffuse or apply to baby’s feet

Geranium • To help sooth sore breasts in the first trimester. – Apply Topically

• For Jaundice – Apply on baby’s feet

• For balancing hormones throughout pregnancy and post-pregnancy

Grapefruit • To cleanse the body and help promote a healthy pregnancy. • Promotes natural return to your normal weight after pregnancy – Add a few drops to your drinking water

Helichrysum • To prepare nipples for nursing, heal sore nipples • To help prevent hemorrhaging • To help varicose veins • To reduce discomforts of abdominal stretching • To regenerate skin and avoid scarring, stretch marks – Apply topically

On Guard • Take internally or apply to bottoms of feet for added immune support. • Helps mom and baby avoid viruses and bacterial infections

Roman Chamomile • To help calm and sooth a colicky baby. – Apply to bottom of baby’s feet

Serenity • To help calm during times of anxiety. • To promote a restful night sleep. – Topically or aromatically

Most recommended for Pregnancy • • • •

Lavender Lemon Peppermint Citrus Bliss

Lavender • To aid in a restful nights sleep. • To promote healthy circulation. • To reduce false labor pains • Diffuse in the air or apply on skin to aid in coping with post partum depression. • Combine with Frankincense and apply to feminine pads to promote quick healing after delivery.

Lemon • For water Retention and swelling- Lemon • For allergies – Internally in drinking water or in gelcaps

Peppermint • For nausea/morning Sickness– Aromatically or Internally

• For headaches – topically to crown and base of neck

Citrus Bliss • To feel more energized – Topically – Add to bath water

• For a great tasting pickme-up, add a drop to your drinking water • To assist with postpartum depression

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