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WINTERWORKSHOP THEATRE HOTEL COURAGE: Intensive modern Commedia dell’ Arte

inclusive the Hotel Courage conferneceday with Pascale Lecoq, Dana Dewes and more. (9 February)

3 February - 9 February 2014 Amsterdam [email protected]

Price: € 650, - this includes lunches. (ex. 21% tax) Amsterdam How to apply: Send your motivation letter, resume, picture and address to [email protected]

Theatre ‘Hotel Courage’ is an international theatre company under the artistic leadership of Katrien van Beurden. The company develops contemporary shows based on the Commedia dell’ Arte, famous for its masks and archetypal characters. Hotel Courage explores these archetypes in today’s society, with and without masks, to create a tragic-comic-poetic theatre that is vivid and alive. Hotel Courage Education (formally Teatro Punto) is well known for its training of professional actors, directors and filmmakers. Internationally they teach at schools such as the Toronto University and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, in L.A and in New York. In 2009, Teatro Punto (Katrien van Beurden and Carlos Garcia Estevez) organized the International Masterclass Festival, a co-production with Centro Maschere e Strutture Gestuali, Paola Piizzi, Donato Sartori, Fabio Mangolini, featuring guest artists such as Dario Fo, Mummenschanz, Fay and Pascale Lecoq.

The workshop consists of: • Movement analysis • Physical transformation/metamorphoses • Imagination of the actor • Acting in the moment • From tragedy to comedy • Musicality and timing • Mask and archetypical characters • Improvisation and scene composition • Interaction between actor and audience

“Thanks to Teatro Punto, Commedia dell´Arte becomes a theatre of tomorrow.” Pascale Lecoq, Ecole internationale de théâtre Jacques Lecoq “ van Beurden is one of the most innovative, insightful, and consistently effective teachers I have ever witnessed. Every student she works with has a breakthrough, in an astonishingly brief amount of time.” Scott Ripley Uconn University Dramatic arts

Theatre ‘Hotel Courage’ World Tour: Currently the company is touring with the production ‘Hotel Courage’. They tour around the world to train and create an imaginary hotel with local professional actors and theatre makers. In this hotel we witness people from all layers of society: managers, cooks, cleaners, soldiers, immigrants, politicians, secret lovers, people who are oppressed and others who are the oppressors. Each cast from the different countries will create a piece of the hotel from their point of view on how the archetypes of Commedia live in the world today. In 2015, at the Theatre Hotel Courage Festival, the company will combine these pieces to create one show: “Hotel Courage”. Currently the company is touring to Canada, America, Palestine, Ghana and India. Next year they will travel to England, Iran and Hawai.

More information: [email protected]

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