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January 6, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Psychology, Educational Psychology
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WorkReady Workplace Literacy

WorkReady! Literacy Texas and the South Texas Literacy Coalition announce the initiation of the WorkReady! Workplace literacy initiative.  The goal of WorkReady is to help organizations, instructors and volunteers include effective workforce literacy as a core component of the service they offer learners. 

Workplace literacy builds success! 

WorkReady! is a unique workforce readiness training manual and training tool developed for adult learners who are currently enrolled in literacy programs such as Adult Basic Education, GED preparedness or English as a Second Language.

Workplace Literacy 

WorkReady! was developed by a national literacy expert, Margaret Doughty of Literacy Powerline. It guides administrators, instructors, tutors and students of community-based literacy programs through a process of infusing workforce literacy into the standard literacy curriculum. The goal of this training is helping the adult learner get a job or a better job along with providing the goals to help the learner with persistence.

Benefits of WorkReady! WorkReady! can be adapted to all literacy levels.  The training manual is a framework to integrate workforce into classroom. 

 It is a framework to explore workforce preparedness  It has specific activities that can be adapted to any classroom

Workplace Literacy Workplace literacy encompasses the basic and higher-order skills individuals need to function in the workplace.  Workplace literacy is an individual’s ability to read, write, and speak in English, and compute and solve problems at levels of proficiency necessary to function on the job. 

Goals of Workplace Literacy – Functional Context Increase participants’ motivation to learn, because they can see the value and applicability of the training  Increase participants’ ability to learn, because the concepts being taught are less abstract  Increase training’s return to the company (Return on Investment – ROI), because it is easier for individuals to transfer learning back to their jobs 

Rationale Workplace literacy skills are tied to company objectives  Job requirements are tied to soft skills  Training gives workers the skills to continue their learning and transfer learning and transfer knowledge from one work situation to another 

Programs are developed with input from management

Workplace Literacy – Soft skills Problem-solving  Working in teams  Decision-making  Communication skills  Interpersonal skills  Customer service  Work ethics  Being to work on time 

     

Dress for success Interviewing skills Goal-setting Career development Desire for continuing education Career ladder comprehension

WorkReady! In South Texas The South Texas Literacy Coalition workplace literacy team can bring this training to your area.  Call us to schedule an orientation meeting. 

For more information… 

Call the South Texas Literacy Coalition at 956-292-0257

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